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Best way to find address of Eddie Lebaron for TTM

Sorry I have not followed this category before. If I shouldn't ask this question, please let me know.
What is the best way to find Eddie Lebaron's address, also maybe someone knows if sending him a couple cards to auto is a bad idea. I've never sent a card out for this before. Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Hello,

    This is general info! image
    Search - you can often find addresses at autograph/fan sites for many people.
    Whatever you send, do make it brief and send everything needed to get your item back at no expense.
    I'd not include multiple items (certainly not doubles at any rate...) - gives the impression you might sell some, and I think the more you send the less you'll get back if anything. I even send the pen I want used. Make it real easy for whoever is opening this stuff.
    Choose something that other folks will not have for the autograph. For example, I had correspondence with the last survivor of the Titanic. Everyone in the world has a signed b/w copy Titanic postcard of this sort or that, or a portrait of her. I sent a vintage 1925 hand tinted photo taken aboard the ship that she and her mother returned to England on - also was the same ship that Titanic's Captain brought over on her maiden voyage a fear years before Titanic saying how his life at sea was boring and he'd never been wrecked or seen a wreck etc..I seem to have coined a term for this type of item - perhaps Pete will recall it?

    Best wishes,
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