SGC Problem

I have been trying to add a card to an SGC set for four days now ... It keeps timing out, and giving me an error message. Has anyone else tried lately ? I e-mailed them, but no response yet.


  • They are in the middle of moving and because of hurricane Sandy it has delayed there move. It should be up and running in a couple of days i'm told.
  • Makes sense. Thanks. Frustrating.
  • They posted on another board a few days ago. They were without power and some of the functions on their website are not working yet. Should be back up soon.

  • I spoke with them yesterday as I have one of their customer service managers cell numbers. They hope to be back up and in good shape in 3-4 business days. As anyone can imagine they did get hit by the storm and power and telephone were affected, which affects their site too. All of the cards are safeguarded at their office or at the Post Office.
    Leon Luckey
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