Worlds Greatest Card Chase

Has anyone ever bought any of these boxes? I am guessing for the most part they are junk wax, but there is the potential of getting original classic cards, as well as some old sealed wax such as a high series 1952 sealed pack. Prices start at $20 but I see some completed listings go up to $150 on these. Just wondering if anyone has had experience.

Great Card Chase


  • Stay very far away from these.....makes no sense why people still buy these things. I've opened about 3 total of them and got a bunch of 88 donruss/ect. Junk
  • Ive also bought about 3 of these. Complete waste of money. Never again. No one will ever get a 1952 pack - EVER - because they never put them in there, but im promise yourll get plenty of 1992 Donruss, 1990 Fleer and 1990 Upperdeck along with misc album sticker cards that the wrappers that they come in im sure have more value.
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    I tried one box. Complete waste of money. If the "chase" get your juices flowing then buy $20 worth of scratch offs or lotto tix instead.
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