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box of vintage

my neighbor is in his eightys and im helping him pack t move. today we found a huge box of stamps and covers ,letters, very old .1000,s of pieces. he thought he sold years ago. we are having a yard sale in oct. not sure how to price or research all.so im wonderng is anyone located in conn. that might be interested in coming by. making an offer. thnx dave.


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    Klif50Klif50 Posts: 663 ✭✭✭✭
    Post a picture(s) if you can. Give an indication of how large the lot is. Figure out what he thinks they are worth, figure out what it'll take to ship and put that info here and see what kind of offers you get. If it's tons of soaked off foreign lots then it won't be much. If there are postal history items in there then maybe more (stampless covers and such). I'd love to see pictures but can't travel that far to look.
    Good luck with getting your neighbor something worthwhile out of the pile.
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    how did you do? i have stamps too! after what i have learned there is value but it will take lots of time.
    i would like to know what you had.have and how you sold, what you had thought they were worth and what they ended up being worth.

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