Love Probstein's Auctions except for....

Great seller that Probstein. Has great cards up for auction, great communication, great service, etc. I have won many auctions and always been pleased with the cards. However, I keep running into one problem. It seems that an unusually large number of cards I win are already registered in another collector's set when I go to register them on the PSA Set Registry. Probably a dozen in the last 5-6 weeks. Now normally when I request them to be removed, it will happen in a few days but lately not so much. Then one needs to go through the process of scanning the front and back of the card and sending the scan to PSA. I'm Ok with that as long as it isn't frequent which it has been lately. I have one now that first I requested it be removed by the previous owner with no luck. PSA asked me to send the scans which I did. Cosetta then emailed me that the "former" owner says he still owns the card. I then send the Probstein eBay auction number so it can be verified that it was won via auction by me (The auction clearly has the card pictured with the PSA number on the label that is in dispute). Still can't release the card to me because it must be verified that there are not duplicate numbers out there. Well, I will say that I appreciate PSA's diligence in protecting a collector's ownership. But I would think that the previous owner probably can't provide the front and back scan as I did. Still waiting on resolution, but knowing Cosetta it will happen.

Anyway, today I received two more cards I won from Probstein and low and behold when I try to register them they are already registered in another's set so I need to go through the process again. I have previously exchanged emails with Probstein auction representatives about this issue and was told there is nothing they can do about it.

Perhaps it is related to the number of consignments Probstein handles, that being collectors send their material to sell but don't care to go on the PSA Set Registry and delete it from their sets. Anyway, just venting after a particularly busy and tiring day. But please people, show a little courtesy and delete your inventory from the Set Registry when you sell so the new owner doesn't have to do all the work!


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  • I completely agree! It is so annoying to buy a card and then be responsible for the electronic administrative work of submitting a cert # removal request, wait three business days, provide a front and back scan, then wait for a message from PSA telling me I can add the cert #.

    A consignor would have a leg up on his competition if, as a rule, he promised there would be no issues with adding purchased cards immediately to the new owners registry. Sounds so simple...

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    Nothing I hate more than cards not being removed from another persons set. The only thing I can think of is maybe the previous owner hasn't been paid by Probstein yet for the card, and that is the previous owners only recourse is to keep it in his set until he does?? What a nightmare either way for you though.

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    Absolutely 100% NOT probsteins concern
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    This is not a Probstein issue -- this is really about removing your cards from inventory if you are going to sell or consign them. Rick can't possibly know which cert #s need to be removed as he doesn't own the cards he sells.

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  • Yes, I agree also. Just a little consideration, that's not asking to much.

    Personally, that's part of the fun, entering the card in the register, watching the set slowly grow & grow.image
  • I think this issue is not confined to any one seller, but I think we will see as this thread evolves that this is a major annoyance to a lot of registry users. Registry users drive sales. Therefore, any sellers reputation could be improved by instituting a buyer friendly policy on this issue.

    It technically is not Rick's issue, but it could be another reason to buy from him...
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    So you want sellers to start trying to add cert #s to fictitious sets to see if it's someones inventory?

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    If Rick reads this thread and sees his customers feel this is an issue, he can simply inform his consignors that this has been a problem and to make sure they do so when they send in the cards.

    This is a simple fix and something that should not be taken as an insult but instead good customer feedback that can not only improve the experience but in the end make him more money.

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    I would agree the right thing for the owner or consignor is to remove the card from inventory upon selling it though I would not advise doing it beforehand lest you get a buyer like bbuckner22 got and if the scanner tries to register the card that may be the only proof that the thief has actual possession of the card after all.

    Collecting 1970s Topps baseball wax, rack and cello packs, as well as PCGS graded Half Cents, Large Cents, Two Cent pieces and Three Cent Silver pieces.
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    In order to fix the OP's problem it must be removed prior to the buyer receiving it. You could move it to your sold column and still see the cert number and better yet you would have scans and a Photobucket account with the card in it as well.

    When you are the consignee you have essentially turned over the risk of the sale to the consignor and at that point they are in control of the transaction. If it gets lost and a fraud situation arises they have to solve it and not you.

    This is part of the stated value proposition.

    I do not think it is to much to ask to have the cards removed from the registry if they are sent off to auction. A Buy It Now is less of an urgent transaction and perhaps with these once the card is sold.

    Either way I think Rick should use this forum to improve his service and these type of threads can do that.

  • Some of the biggest collectors around are some of the worst offenders.
  • My opinion of a seller that ensures no hassle for me will higher than that of a seller that leaves paperwork on the table for me to deal with. It is a minor detail, but our allegiances are usually built on minor details.

    Is it hard for me as a buyer to solve the issue? No. Therefore it isn't impossible for the seller to do it either. Intellectual genius is not required. An expectation of the consignee to remove the cards is the first step. If that doesn't work, a PSA membership, the card in hand, a scanner, and a working internet connection is all you need.

    I do recognize that with the volume of a seller like Rick, it would require a protocol that would require time and effort. I wouldn't stop buying from a seller who didn't care about this. I remain slightly annoyed at sellers who don't ensure their cards are not affiliated with the registry, and I'm sure many others are as well.

  • I too, have had problems with cards being registered to other members who didn't delete them. However, I guess it doesn't bother me like it bothers others. I just supply what the PSA registry people want and move on.....
  • hi, guys
    thanks for the replies on the thread....
    this has been ongoing for the last few years, people consign and don't take down their items from their registry....
    whenever a consignor tells me that are selling anything registry related , i do ask them to take down their items....
    with over 300 active consignors this can be tough to manage if consignors aren't respectful to buyers....
    most of my consignors have been good about this....problems also occur when we buy a collection and we don't know the source of the set registry collection....

    cosetta is known to be great at giving proper credit when consignors don't take them down....

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  • << <i>I avoid all his auctions... >>

    Good....more deals for me!
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    Funny - I had two requests come in late last night after my auctions with Rick ended. They have been removed, but to be honest I hadn't touched my registry in a long time - didn't think about it before sending Rick the cards.
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