1933 World's Fair elongated question

Does anyone here actively collect World's fair elongated coins? I recently got a small collection of them from the 1933 Chicago fair and am not having much luck finding out anything about a piece with vertical orientation that features a woman with fans and the words FAN DANCER, WORLD'S FAIR 1933 above and below the dancer. Does anyone know the current value of this piece in AU condition? I'd post a photo but currently have no means to do so.
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    Board member Tom Hoffman has a site for 1893 Columbian Expo elongated cents but I don't know of any for 1933 cents. They would be pretty cool to see.
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    Google Sally Rand
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  • Yes. Sally Rand, said to have danced also at the 1939 New York World's Fair, and in San Francisco too. Of the hundreds of albums, thousands of slides, tens of thousands of snapshots, and the many exhibits and books I have edited and illustrated, I have heard the story many times but no one has a photo of her in New York. She was however certainly at the '33 and '34 Chicago Exposition. The stretched coins at the 1939 fair were made on fifty "crushers" spread around the 1,255 acres of the fair run by Frank Galland. There were several designs, many in fact. Italy is hard to find, the Jitterbug is really hard to find, and the basic Trylon and Perisphere are common. 1940 elongated cents are much scarcer in general. I would imagine there is a premium on this Sally Rand elongated. I could ask my fair friends. I believe the scarcest ones from 1939 are about $50 in AU RD/BRN with the common ones a few dollars.
    I have always dreamed of finding a stretched 1939 Mercury 10C from the '39 Fair.

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    The standard references for elongateds is Yesterday's Elongateds by Martin and Dow. The Fan Dancer elongate is ILL-CPIE-111, listed as a rarity of 4 on a scale of 1-6.

    To give you some idea of the scale, there are 112 elongateds listed from the 1933 Worlds Fair, and 20 are rated as a rarity of 4, while 9 are rated with a rarity of 5 or higher.

    There is one pictured here, with a comment that it is one of the toughest ones to find from that fair.

    Check eBay for pricing. Some elongateds from this fair sell very cheaply; others sell for quite a bit of money. The next trick is figuring which will sell for which price...
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    I believe only a few of these elongates from the '33 fair are really "common".

    The fan dancer probably isn't since I don't have one yet.
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    PM sent. image

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    Assuming that was yours, congrats!
  • That went up $10 at a time until the last minute. image Interesting piece.
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    << <i>Sheesh!

    Assuming that was yours, congrats! >>

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  • If you are selling, I know someone actively buying elongates from that expo.
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    My dad collects these. He'll enjoy reading your posts. Thanks everyone for sharing the great info!
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