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Happy Labor Day

With thanks to millions of workers who organized and fought for minimum wage laws, child labor standards, occupational safety laws, a forty hour work-week and overtime regulations, and so much more....Happy Labor Day!

United Mine Workers Association President John L. Lewis' autograph on the Labor Day stamp,

A February 15, 1891 postcard addressed to Samuel Gompers, President of the American Federation of Labor (also handstamped on February 17 at receiving post office), and

A Bay City, Michigan cover mailed on July 27, 1908 to Samuel Gompers. Note the cover was addressed to the "Federation of Labour" (British/Canadian spelling?) and misdirected to New York.
Gompers and the AFL were now located in Washington, DC. The cover is stamped with a red, circular cancel: "Deficiency in Address, Supplied by N.Y.P.O.I.D. (New York Post Office Information Department).


A first day cancellation on the Labor Day stamp, issued 56 years ago today (September 3, 1956):



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