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Original 35MM Reels Glen or Glenda 1953 LUGOSI

The original 35mm master reels for Glen or Glenda with Bela Lugosi directed by Edward D. Wood Jr.! ALSO INCLUDED IS THE FAMOUS "REEL X" WITH THOSE FAMOUS LINES "...pull the string!" and the light SM sequence. This print is un-cropped and sharper than any print out there. Excellent condition; still supple and can be screened without problem. I have screened it and the film is in a superb state.
1953 stock, original tins, paperwork, RR full LOA authentication. This print was eventually sold by Edward D. Wood Jr. to it's previous owner, the original producer Geo. Weiss. Weiss moved to the east coast in 1972/73

Write magikbilly@yahoo.com for details!

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