Guess the a MS65 St. Gaudens

Next Friday (June 29) one of the world's greatest coins will sell at the Stacks Bowers Baltimore auction...the 1907 Ultra High Relief $20 St. Gaudens, this one graded PR69 by PCGS.


This is a Guess The Price contest.

Post your guess of the final price (what the buyer pays including the buyer's premium) on this thread. Person with the closest guess to final price will get a MS65 $20 St. Gaudens as a prize from PCGS!!!!!

Post your guess in dollar amounts (no cents). First guess wins in event of ties. If anyone ties, then those who guess "correctly" after the first correct guess will get a MS65 Morgan dollar.

Good luck with your guesses...have fun with your coins!

Some clarifications:

Only one guess per person
Deadline for submitting bids: 5:00pm EST Friday, June 29.
"Closest guess" means closest can be over or under...just be the closest numerically.



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