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Authentic Sports Memorbilia COAs ?

Has anyone heard of COAs from a company called Authentic Sports Memorbilia? All there COAs have only a email address to contact them which is authenticusa@aol.com . If you do have any information on them could you please let me know. Thanks image


  • magikbillymagikbilly Posts: 6,780

    This doesn't sound good. COA's are worthless, or worth only as much as the entity issuing them. Any COA should have proper contact information and more. I think I have heard of this place... image
    What did you buy and from who? This is likely to end poorly, especially if you placed any weight in the COA and are not capable of having an opinion about the item. Research is your friend, people! image Even poking around about COA's online will show they are not to be relied upon.

    On a personal note - whoever this company is, the very name makes me cringe. I expect them to be authentic, especially as I am NOT relying in the COA! image

    Best wishes,
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