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Launch of Collectors Corner CoinSearch

An exciting new era in buying and selling rare coins and collectibles will begin on May 31, 2012 with the live, beta test launch of Collectors Corner CoinSearch™ at the Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Expo. The unprecedented new service from Certified Coin Exchange (CCE) uses state-of-the-art mobile technology to enable collectors to instantly locate specific coins they are looking for at a show.

For the first time, coin buyers will be able to use their smart phones or iPads to find the exact coins they’re seeking during the Long Beach Expo, May 31 – June 2, and even prior to the show. They’ll also be able to pinpoint the exact bourse floor locations of the dealers who have those specific coins in their inventory.

The item listings will be available through Collectors Corner CoinSearch, a free mobile application from Collectors Corner (www.CollectorsCorner.com), a division of CCE.

“Dealers can list coins they’ll have at their Long Beach tables that are in their Collectors Corner inventories. Collectors and other dealers then can use the new Collectors Corner CoinSearch mobile app to easily locate any coins they’re seeking and find the dealers and locations of their tables,” explained Cassi East, CCE President.

“Collectors will be able to know where their special coin is located even before they get on the bourse floor! Collectors Corner CoinSearch is a perfect blend of Collectors Corner, where dealers attending the Long Beach Expo list thousands of items for sale, and the actual Expo, where collectors go to find them. It takes all the guesswork and tedious searching out of the equation.”

Collectors Universe President David Hall described the May 31 – June 2 Long Beach Expo as “a coming out party” for the new technology.

“Long Beach has always been a great place to sell coins, and now it’s about to be even better. We have harnessed the listing power of CCE’s Collectors Corner with the power of today’s mobile technology to make it really easy for buyers and sellers to get together,” Hall said.

“Imagine walking into a coin show and punching ‘1907 $20 High Relief’ into your smart phone or iPad, and then seeing a list of the table numbers, locations and names of all the dealers carrying $20 High Reliefs at that coin show.”

The ability to post Collectors Corner listings in the Long Beach Expo CoinSearch data base will be available for all CCE member dealers at no additional charge as part of their CCE membership.

“CCE members can call us at (800) 733-6623, and we’ll walk you through the easy download mechanics,” explained East.


  • We will be talking with everyone about The NEW Digital Coin Show features attached to WWW.CollectorsCorner.com listings.

    Find us at LBE at the CCE table...

    We are introducing a Beta test version of CoinShow Search at the Long Beach Expo. The mobile version will be announced very soon, but you can now do searches for a particular show now on www.collectorscorner.com. We are working with our Collectors Corner dealers to flag inventory that they will have at the show(s). So far we have almost 1000 coins that are flagged. Search results wiull give the dealer and his or her table at Long Beach. This will help you out in the future looking for a coin.

    Hope this helps you out, Regards,
    Mike Brandow

    The First Digital Coin Show!

    June Long Beach

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