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What do BCCG 10's typically get from PSA?

Anyone have any experience with this crossover from a BCCG Gem Mint 10 to PSA?

And why would anyone submit something like a Jordan 86 Fleer RC to BCCG? It seems to do nothing
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    BCCG 10 could be PSA 6 or a PSA 10 or every grade in between...and that is exactly why people submit to BCCG. The mystery of what the BCCG 10 card could grade if crossed over makes the occasional buyer pay PSA 8/9 price for a card that is most likely a PSA 7.

    I've been on both sides of this before and I think that, as a seller, it's a nice option to have when you know a card will surely sell for more in a BCCG 10 holder than it will in a PSA 8 holder.
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    I've submitted only two BCCG 10 cards for cross, but they were not high ticket cards. Both did cross to PSA 10s though. This is not the norm.

    When you're looking to do a Cross Over, do not look at the grade of the card from the other company. Look at the card itself and decide for yourself if it should be worthy of submission. I will agree that BCCG is pretty worthless. BCCG graded cards do not often command premiums.

  • I bought several Jordan 9's and 10's in BCCG. I only paid about PSA 7 money. Most ended up in PSA7's and 8's.
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    You just can't trust the # on a BCCG label. It means nothing. A BCCG 10 could have a surface scratch, a soft corner... They are just junk, not to fool with. Why gamble?
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  • The only benefit to purchasing a BCCG card is that you know it's an authentic card (not a reprint/fake).

    Other than that, while technically the card should be Mint (9) or better, as labeled under the BCCG 10, good luck holding Beckett to that. As mentioned, I would assume the card would fall in the 7-9 range.
    But if it's a high dollar card, it likely was graded previously by BGS, the seller didn't like the grade, and they resubmitted as BCCG.

    There is however a real, albeit unlikely, alternative possibility a seller may use BCCG, other than the crack and resubmit/scam the buyer into thinking it's a higher grade reason. Ebay requires certain cards be graded by a professional service (Beckett, PSA) in order to be listed for sale. BCCG is a cheaper alternative to BGS, so if the seller was really trying to save money, they may go this route.

    Just to add, these are the cards that ebay requires grading in order to list (Jordan is one of them):

    You can list the following trading cards only if they've been professionally graded by a reputable grading company:
    1909 Cy Young (T206)
    1909 Eddie Plank error card (T206)
    1909 Honus Wagner (T206)
    1909 Ty Cobb (T206)
    1933 Babe Ruth (Goudey #53, #80, #144, and #181)
    1933 Lou Gehrig (Goudey #92 and #160)
    1951 Mickey Mantle (Bowman #253)
    1952 Mickey Mantle (Topps #311)
    1966-1967 Bobby Orr rookie card (Topps #35)
    1979-1980 Wayne Gretzky rookie card (O-Pee-Chee and Topps #18)
    1986-1987 Michael Jordan rookie card (Fleer #57)
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    I submitted 7 BCCG 10s to PSA some time ago because I was curious about the same thing. One got a 9 (a Jerry Rice rookie), all the others got 8s, one got EOT or MINSIZE can't remember. The results were about what I expected. I got the BCCG 10s for a good deal though, so a couple were actually worth more as PSA 8s than what I paid

  • Other than that, while technically the card should be Mint (9) or better, as labeled under the BCCG 10,

    Isn't BCCG just a division within Beckett ? If BCCG says Mint of Better, wouldn't they need to re-slab as BVG/BGS 9 if requested ?
    Otherwise, it's just bogus. I don't know BCCG at all but I'm curious about the Mint or Better

    Never Mind ... Found this and it answered my question

    BCCG 10
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