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eBay fake PSA slab scam story



  • << <i>I wanted to bring this thread back to the top and share a story with everyone that falls right in line with everything else reported.

    Last month there was a PSA 10 Joe Montana Rookie on eBay at a Buy it Now price of $5500. It hadn't even been listed an hour when I saw it. The last Montana 10 sold for close to 11K (I believe through Heritage) So there's red flag #1. It was from a seller that I did not recognize and had never sold a card on eBay before. Red Flag #2. The 11K Montana was not on VCP yet and I figured perhaps the seller just did not know. I called eBay to clarify eBay protection and to make sure I was 100% protected. After feeling comfortable that I was, I bought it, figuring it was worth the chance. The scan was good and the card certainly looked like it could be a 10 and the cert # checked out on the PSA web site.

    The card and case arrived slightly cracked open on the bottom of the slab. So that's when I pretty much knew I was not going to "get lucky" on this one. I made an appointment to hand deliver it to PSA. I worked with Joe Orlando's assistant, Jackie. She was very nice, informative, and helpful. She brought it back and had a senior grader and Mr. Orlando look at it and verified it is a forged slab. The card is real, but the slab was not. The bar code was a 1979 OPC Gretzky of all things. For obvious reasons, they could not give me the card in the case back, so I just got the card, a letter from Joe stating it is fake, various scans, etc. The Montana card had some obvious flaws that would likely make it an 8...but they were hard to see in the case.

    The seller was quite cooperative, much to my surprise, and my refund was credited last week. I would guess he was the victim that bought the card the first time, but what gets me is that the case was cracked open when I got it, and the seller supposedly had no clue, saying it was fine when he sent it.

    Not sure if I should report this seller or not. I am shocked at how easy it was to get the refund...makes me wonder if he is a victim or a criminal here...? >>

    The seller probably got ahold of a bad card. There are many fakes floating around in psa slabs. If he was out to scam someone, then he would've taken the money and ran. Instead of offering a refund. On the other hand, im not so sure I would trust psa's judgement of grading cards. They are all over the place. They could've made a mistake and put a 8 card in a 10 holder. Then say the slab is not their's.

    PSA is under fire again for another grading scandal for grading fakes.


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