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Joan Crawford Baby Jane Orig Still 2X Weight/SUPERSIG

Hello, hi Pete,

I have a true original studio still, 8x10 double weight razor sharp, studio marked and cropped for its run for the premier of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? in the newspaper. It bears a HUGE inscription to Larry Cantwell and a SUPER SIGNATURE in ball point from Crawford. Cantwell must have been in film in some way as I have a few others signed directly to him. My favorite is The Third Man signed by Joseph Cotten, which is not for sale. All were signed in 1962. This still has been handled and shows marks and some creases from the studio and also the use in newspapers.

This is the most impressive Crawford signed still I have seen for this cult film, period - most all I have seen are fake. The still is from the key set - Crawford in closeup at the barred window to her bedroom. $275 shipped (yup, it's that special).
If interested email [email protected] for a scan.

Best wishes,


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