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1992 Slovenia 2 lipe Overstruck on 1990 Yugo 10 para

Hi Guys-

I was just about to send this out to NGC for error designation- 1992 Slovenia 002 Lipe Overstruck on 1990 Yugoslavian 10 Para (KM#139).

Does NGC recognise this as a coin? I have read online that this was a "patriotic medal". Where does this coin fall?

In hand it is a nice uncirculated coin with very visible undertype.



  • Anybody Know anything about this coin?
  • PBRatPBRat Posts: 1,291 ✭✭✭
    It's in the Krause Standard Catalog of Unusual World Coins (4th Edition), as X#Tn5. That thing on the Obverse is a Corn Crib, whatever that means. Guess it's used to store corn.

    There is a note that says "Some examples of KM#Tn5 have been found struck over Yugoslavian 10 Para 1990, KM#139."
  • Thanks! I don't have that edition.

    Corn cob? Lol
  • olmanjonolmanjon Posts: 1,195
    Oviously you guys are city slickers. That is indeed a corn crib. After the harvest in the fall the corn was stored in corn cribs all winter. We then went to the crib for feeding the pigs and cows.
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  • farthingfarthing Posts: 3,345 ✭✭✭
    I grew up in the big city and I certainly recognized it as a corn crib. Of course it doesn't hurt that I married an Iowa born farm girl! image
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  • PBRatPBRat Posts: 1,291 ✭✭✭
    Until I saw the description in Krause, I had no idea what it was.
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