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Amos & Andy Note signature

Below is a note I am selling for a friend. Her uncle was in WWII and saw Amos & Andy there on tour for the servicemen. If anyone knows its worth or cares to make an offer please pm me. They will provide the name and history of the original owner. The names under Amos & Andy are Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll who were "Amos & Andy" Thanks



  • Hi. Assuming they are genuine (these guys are not on my radar), due to condition, item (signed currency) number of sigs/additional names, perhaps $175-$275 from recent auction results? Other have any ideas?

  • CollectorcoinsCollectorcoins Posts: 3,187 ✭✭✭

  • CollectorcoinsCollectorcoins Posts: 3,187 ✭✭✭
    Still available
  • magikbillymagikbilly Posts: 6,780
    Hi CC,

    Do you agree with my estimate? I took the time to check back about 10 years of auction results for you you know. Signed currency is a tough sell - too specific. I have never actually seen a signed note that drew interest other than Warhol etc.. It's just a really weird form that does not further the piece. When I have material "like" this I try to pair it with something. Once I had a 1945 Brown Derby check for liquor signed by Lou Costello. Couldn't move it. Then, sometime layer, I found a true unique candid of Lou signing an autograph for a kid. Sold immediately - feedback? "I have waited my entire life for something like this". So, if you can pair this with an ORIGINAL relevant item (heck, even a vintage publicity still from the period) I think you'd do better. The note is not without problems, slight fading, creases, contrast...have you researched anything else? Were they in the service? The stamped date is not there for any old reason - perhaps look into it - at least know where they were and what they were doing? I would expect prices on this material to be in a slump right now though, as well as demand. Most I have seen are dual signed as is this. It would be better if this were on a simple white card - this is hard to display or frame and that is working against you severely. They played at the Cotton Club, yes? Play that up as well s the fact this was pre-TV unless I am mistaken. Happy to help you.

    Best wishes,
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