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RE: 1952 5c PCGS MS66 FS

The 1952 Jefferson 5c is a pop 3/0 coin in MS66 FS. I once owned 2 of the 3 examples. I sold one a decade ago, and I believe it still resides in the JHF collection. I kept the other coin, a nearly mark- free specimen with golden toning.

I recently viewed the third coin for the first time - it is pictured in PCGS CoinFacts. The CoinFacts coin is a toned example. It is struck from obverse and reverse dies showing heavy die polish lines, apparently from dies that were clashed and subsequently repolished. It looked very familiar to me - both MS66 FS coins I owned had similar heavy die polish lines.

I compared my coin to the CoinFacts example - it is obvious that both are struck from the same dies !

The 3rd specimen is a white coin with a small tick on the cheek. It too was struck from dies with heavy polish. While I don't have pictures to prove it, I am virtually 100% certain that the 3rd coin was struck from these very same dies!!

I can list a provenance of sorts for the 3 coins:

1) The CoinFacts coin - source and current location are unknown
2) My Coin: I purchased it in Ramapaugh Nickel Express Auction #19, 1/9/1994 in an ANACS MS66 FS holder, subsequently crossed to PCGS around 2003.
3) JHF Coin: I purchased it in 1997 from TT Auction #1009, PCGS MS66 FS OGH, via Wondercoin into JHF Collection

Is it a coincidence that the three finest known coins for this date came from the same dies ??



  • mingotmingot Posts: 1,805 ✭✭✭
    I doubt that it is a coincidence.

    More likely is that someone opened a roll many many years ago and picked these gems, which were struck from fresh dies.

    I've got a raw 40-S with three very dramatic die cracks (2 obverse, 1 reverse) that I have seen three other times when people post pictures of nice looking 40-S's. Again, I think this is a case where someone opened a roll and kept the gems of the roll, which happened to all be from the same die pair.

  • emzeeemzee Posts: 1,817 ✭✭✭

    I can't rule out the possibility that the CoinFacts coin and JHF coin are one and the same. It was, however, a natural brilliant nickel color 10 years ago.

    On your pic, I can see a die polish line to the bottom of U in TRUST, as on my coin and the CoinFacts coin.

    Did the JHF Jefferson 5c set get sold or broken up?

  • wondercoinwondercoin Posts: 16,615 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Michael: Hi. The JHF 1938-1964 Mint state Jefferson nickel collection was sold as a complete set very recently. No press releases ... just a quiet deal between two great gentleman. I am very excited to be working with the new owner of the greatest 1938-1964 Mint state Jefferson nickel collection out there, and I am always looking for the greatest PCGS Mint State Jefferson nickels. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know.

    There are a number of "dupes" from the JHF collection and they are expected to begin appearing at auction soon along with many of the modern MS Jeffs (1965-date). Most of the modern nickels remain to be sold but not all of them. They should also be appearing at upcoming Stacks/Bowers sales or even on Teletrade as well.

    Please visit my website at www.wondercoins.com and my ebay auctions under my user name www.wondercoin.com.
  • Yes, I've sold that favorite Jefferson nickel set. I'm keeping some of the dupes I particularly enjoy looking at ... like the doubled die Monticellos, the double eye, etc. But I don't collect them any more.

    The Jeff's that I do collect are off metal coins and other interesting errors. It is a thrill to see a Jeff 46-D in MS 64 RED(!)

    I'm enjoying these rare oddities, so I collect them. And I'm enjoying elephant coins, all from my aerie in the land of smiles.

    Best wishes,

    Just Having Fun
    Jefferson nickels, Standing Libs, and US-Philippines rock
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