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New Auction and Classified Ads Site (www.collectorscrave.com) – Listings are only a $1 with no addit

Dear PSA Board Members,

It has been a long time coming but I finally had the time to develop my own auction, classified ads, and storefront site with the help of some longtime friends and collectors. This weekend was busy completing the final touches but I believe it is ready to go. Like many of you, I’m tired of all the fees associated with other websites and decided to take a leap of faith into doing my own site.

My site, CollectorsCrave.com, is fully functional and works in a similar fashion to other competitors. However, the fees are minimal. The baseline fee to list any Auction or Buy It Now is just one dollar with no final value fees or relisting fees. If your item doesn’t sell then you’re able to relist the item as many times as it takes to sell at no additional cost.

My site wasn’t developed just for Sports Memorabilia but for all collectibles (Art, Autographs, Coins, Comic Books, Militaria, Stamps, etc…). You can list items in an Auction, create a Classified Ad to promote your website, and/or open a Storefront to showcase your inventory. Additional listing features are also available and include Better Listing Placement within a specific category, Featured Items on the Home Page, and Bold Titles. These features do cost a little more but you don’t have to use them and they are much cheaper than other websites.

Additionally, there aren’t really that many requirements of the site. You can use any payment method you wish including Paypal which is integrated into the site. If you wish to process your own credit cards, accept cash, money order or checks it is totally up to you. There is a rating system similar to other competitor sites and functions for asking Sellers questions or posting comments about a listing. The site is totally secure with the latest encryption technology and an SSL certificate.

I will add additional features as this site evolves and become popular amongst collectors. The tough part will be driving traffic to the site but I’m planning to start an advertising campaign in all of the major publications that represent the different categories on my site. If you plan to do auctions on the site make sure you have your starting bids at an acceptable dollar amount until more traffic hits the site.

If anyone is interested in helping drive traffic to the site in exchange for totally free listing, please email me at [email protected].

Thanks for your time and let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Richard Myers, Owner
CollectorsCrave.com, LLC


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