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In my other 365 Days of NASCAR cards I mentioned a Top 20 list that was created in 2010 and compiled by another long time NASCAR card collector and PSA member. I had a request to share the list and contacted the member to make sure it was OK. He gave his approval so here is the list:

TOP 20 PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator)

The Top 20 list was compiled based on the following categories.



20. 1989 Maxx Crisco Dale Earnhardt 6

The 1989 Maxx Dale Earnhardt Crisco card was #6 in a pack of
24 driver cards and 1 cover card. They were available at various
grocery stores as a promotion and were free with the purchase of a
Crisco product. After the promotion was over, many unopened
display cases containing 100 Crisco packs found their way onto the
collectible market. The 1989 Dale Earnhardt Crisco card will have
trouble holding its place in the Top 20 list because of the considerable
number of cards available and the high number of 10’s in the PSA
population report.

19. 1991 Iroc Dale Earnhardt NNO

The 1991 Iroc set was produced by Dodge and promoted the Iroc racing
series. The set included 12 driver cards that are slightly larger than the
normal 2 ½ by 3 ½ sports cards. The Iroc series cards came were only
produced as a complete set with each card having a checkered flag boarder.
The cards were illegally reprinted and can be distinguished by an inspection
of that boarder, which is missing approximately ¼ of its checkered flag.
This question concerning the authenticity of many of the 1991 Iroc cards in
the market and the fact it is not a true “nascar” collectible may restrict it from
moving much higher in any Top 20 list.

18. 1988 World of Outlaws Jeff Gordon 54

As with the 1989 Maxx Crisco and the 1991 Iroc cards, this 1988 Jeff
Gordon World of Outlaws card was only available as part of a complete
set. This card is almost impossible to be graded a PSA 10 because of the
off-centering from top to bottom. Although not considered his true rookie
card, this is one of the earliest collectible cards of Jeff Gordon and is
highly sought after by racing collectors. A general lack of knowledge
about this card by the average racing collector prevents the 1988 Jeff
Gordon World of Outlaws card from ranking higher in the Top 20 list
at this time.

17. 1988 Maxx (Charlotte & Myrtle Beach) Cover Card (10) 1

The 1988 Maxx (Charlotte & Myrtle Beach) cover cards make the Top 20
list because of the difficulty each has of grading a PSA 10. Being the top
card in each pack of 10 made the corners of these cover cards vulnerable
to bending and fraying. The borders on both cards are a dark blue creating
significant chipping alone the edges, also lowering the graded value. The
Myrtle Beach cover card will always be more desirable in the racing collectible
market because its quantity is much more limited. Because the1988 Maxx
Charlotte and Myrtle Beach versions are cover cards and not driver
or action cards, each will have a hard time moving up in the Top 20 list, even
though, as a graded PSA 10 will be highly sought after by many racing

16. 1988 Maxx Winston Cup Champ 87

Before the #99 insert card of Dale Earnhardt appeared on the collector scene,
this was the only card in the 1988 Maxx set that included Earnhardt. At the time
of the original printing Dale Earnhardt had not approved the use of his image in
the 1988 Maxx set. For some reason there seems to be a limited availability of the
1988 Maxx Winston Cup Champion #87 card. Because of centering and print
quality issues this card also has the lowest percentage of graded PSA 10’s of any
other card in the1988 Maxx set. This should help the 1988 Maxx #87 card hold its
own in the Racing Collectible Top 20 list.

15. 1988 Maxx (Myrtle Beach) Phil Parsons 26

The 1988 Maxx (Myrtle Beach) Phil Parsons card was 1 of 2 non-checklist
cards changed from the 1st printing produced by Maxx in 1988. The
2nd printing of the Phil Parsons card was changed to include his wife’s
name (Marcia), which was left out on the original printing. The shortage
of the 1st print card and low population of PSA 10’s puts this card at #15 in
Top 20 list. An increased knowledge and desirability by racing collectors
will assist any upward movement in the ranking of this card in the future.

14. 1988 Maxx (Myrtle Beach) Talladega Streaks 10

The 1988 Maxx (Myrtle Beach) Talladega card has the same story as
the Phil Parsons card ranked #15. After the 1st printing the Talladega
Streaks card was discontinued and replaced by the Darrell Waltrip
card for the 2nd printing of the 1988 Maxx set. Because this card pictures
the Talladega speedway or the fact that it was replaced by Darrell Waltrip
places this card slightly higher in the Top 20 list over the Phil Parsons card.

13. 1986 Sportstar Photographics Harry Gant NNO

Harry Gant is one of 13 cards included in this set produced by Sportstars,
Inc. These cards are extremely difficult to find especially in top graded
condition. A PSA 7 or 8 should be consider a better than average grade on
any of these 1986 cards. The Harry Gant card is 1 of 3 in this set that is
short printed (low quantity). This fact along with the difficulty of obtaining
a high PSA grade earns this card a solid place in the Top 20 list.

12. 1986 Sportstar Photographics Geoff Bodine NNO

The same reasons stated for the 1986 Sportstar Photographics Harry
Gant card ranked at #13, apply to the Geoff Bodine card is ranked at #12.
However, based on collector preference, these 2 cards could easily be reversed
in the Top 20 rankings. Each card is highly sought after by many in
the Racing Collectible market, but a general lack of knowledge about the Sportstar
Photographic set, prevents the Harry Gant and Geoff Bodine card from being
ranked higher in the Top 20 list.

11. 1987 World of Outlaws Jeff Gordon 52

This 1987 World of Outlaws card is the earliest card of Jeff Gordon
produced as part of and only available with a complete set. Like the
1988 World of Outlaw sets, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage in the
collectible market, but unlike the 1988 card, several of the 1987 World
of Outlaws Gordon cards have been graded PSA 10, keeping the value
of 1987 card relatively low. For these reasons, this card is only ranked
at #11 in the Top 20 list. Interest in this card among the general racing
collectible community could help its ranking in the future.

10. 1991 Traks Jeff Gordon 1

Even though a large number of the 1991 Traks Jeff Gordon cards are
available in the collector market, it is extremely difficult to grade
a PSA 10. The reason for this is the black border, which makes it
highly prone to flaking on the edges and fraying at the corners. There
is also a centering issue with a many of these cards which also negatively
effects the grading. As a PSA 10, the desirability of the 1991 Jeff Gordon
Traks card as a collectible, along with its value and ranking, should
continue to rise in the future.

9. 1988 Maxx (Charlotte & Myrtle Beach) Cover Card (100) 1

Both the Charlotte and Myrtle Beach versions of the 1988 Maxx Cover
Card (100) were included as card #1 with each factory set. Because there
were less factory sets produced, these cards are more rare than the
1988 Maxx Cover Card (10)’s, which were the top card of each individual
pack of a display box. Both versions of the Cover Card (100) have the same
grading problems as the Cover Card (10). They all have a centering problem,
as well as edge flaking and corner fraying because of the blue borders. Even
though the Cover Card (100)’s are extremely rare to have a grade higher than
a PSA 7, each may have a hard time holding their current ranking. Other
driver and action cards, as their popularity and collectability increases should
surpass the cover cards in the Top 20 list in the future.

8. 1972 STP Fred Lorenzen NNO

This card from the 1972 STP series consisting of 11 cards is extremely difficult
to obtain, because of its age and very limited availability. These sets were
distributed by the STP Corporation and are some of the earliest known NASCAR
cards, making them highly sought after by racing collectors. The 1972 STP cards are
almost impossible to grade a PSA 8, much less a PSA 9 or 10. The (2) Fred
Lorenzen cards, one being a portrait and the other of him standing by his car, appear
to be harder to find than others in the STP series. A gradual move toward #1, is in the
future, as collectors become more aware of the 1972 STP series as a whole and the
Fred Lorenzen cards in general.

7. 1972 STP Bobby Allison NNO

This is another card coming from the 1972 STP series consisting of 11 cards. All of
the cards in this series are difficult to find and command a very high price when they
do surface. As with the Fred Lorenzen card, a high PSA grade of 8 or better on the
Bobby Allison card is extremely difficult to come by. The Allison and Lorenzen
cards could easily reverse positions in the Top 20 list based on collector preference.
There is a low level of knowledge in the racing collectibles market with all the 1972
STP cards, but as time passes and interest increases, these cards will hold their place
or even move up in the Top 20 list.

6. 1988 Maxx Dale Earnhardt 99

Dale Earnhardt, as an individual driver card, was never included in 1988 Maxx set
because of contractual issues. Although there were rumor of the #99 cards existence,
it didn’t make its official appearance until 1994, as an insert in the Maxx Medallion
production line. Certificates were randomly placed in packs and could be redeemed
for the #99 Dale Earnhardt card which was numbered, in a series, out of 999 on a
gold seal. This would differentiate it from the other #99 cards that were released
later to the general public after the bankruptcy of Maxx. The high number of PSA
10’s, as well as the unfortunate counterfeiting of the #99 card will make it difficult
For this card to maintain its Top 10 ranking. Only time will tell.

Note: Among other things, look for the misspelling of Kannapolis on the
back of the counterfeited cards.

5. 1972 STP Richard Petty NNO

As mentioned with the Fred Lorenzen card ranked #8, and the Bobby Allison card
ranked #7, in the Top 20 list, the Richard Petty card was also include in the set of 11
cards distributed in 1972 by the STP corporation. Because it is Richard Petty, the
low quantity available, and the difficulty of receiving a high PSA grade puts
this card at #5 in the Top 20 ranking. This Richard Petty and the other STP cards
have a bright future in the Racing Collectibles Top 20 list. As there popularity
increases among the Racing Collectable population, their value, as well as
ranking, will only improve.

4. 1989 Maxx Dale Earnhardt 3

The 1989 Maxx Dale Earnhardt card is considered his true Rookie card. The
accepted definition of a rookie card is being the first card included in a set
produced by a major manufacture and widely distributed to the public. There
are other Dale Earnhardt cards that appear before 1989, but this card fits the
full definition. Because the 1989 Maxx card is Dale Earnhardt’s true rookie
card and there is a very low population of PSA 10’s, puts this card in the Top 5 and
should remain high in the Top 20 list for some time.

3. 1983 UNO Dale Earnhardt 27

Produced in 1983, these UNO cards are sort of a mystery. There is not much
information available about this set. There are 30 cards in the set with the
Earnhardt card being the most sought after. The UNO cards are slightly smaller
than the normal sports cards, measuring 2 3/16 by 3 7/16, but the official size
has been difficult to confirm. There is also some speculation that many of these
cards have been cut from un-cut sheets. At this time, because of its age and
collectability, this card takes its place at 3rd on the Top 20 list. Only time will tell if
the 1983 Dale Earnhardt UNO card can hold that position.

2. 1992 Traks Autograph Petty/Earnhardt A1

The Traks Autograph cards were found as an insert in the regular issue of the 1992
wax boxes. There are a total of 9 driver cards in this set along with a single cover
card. Because of the combined autograph of Dale Earnhardt and Richard
Petty, this is the most sought after card in the set. Many of the cards in this set
including the Petty/Earnhardt card have shown up unsigned and has lead to
some counterfeiting of the autographs. This may have a negative effect on this
cards ranking in the future. However, with the low population of PSA 10’s, along
with the desirability and collectability of the 1992 Traks Petty/Earnhardt autograph
card, puts it at #2, in the Racing Collectible Top 20 list.

1. 1986 Sportstar Photo-Graphics Dale Earnhardt NNO

This 1986 Sportstar Photo-Graphics card of Dale Earnhardt is the most desirable of
the 20 cards that make up this list. This card is also considered one of the short-print
cards along with the Harry Gant and Geoff Bodine cards. The Earnhardt Sportstar
Photographics card belongs at #1 in the Top 20 list because of its age, its very
limited availability, the desirability this card holds among racing collectors, and the
difficulty of receiving a high PSA grade. In fact, there are no PSA 10’s listed in
the PSA population report at this time. Any PSA 10 in the future will only ensure
that the 1986 Dale Earnhardt Sportstar Photo-Graphics card remains at #1 in the Top
20 list of racing collectibles.


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    Nascar360Nascar360 Posts: 1,851 ✭✭✭
    NASCARD RADIO.COM take away: Today is the Daytona 500 and before you is one of the rarest regular issue NASCAR cards. A long time NASCAR card collector and PSA set registry holder created a list of the TOP 25 PSA Graded NASCAR cards. His list was based on Availability, Collectability, Desirability, Possibility of grading PSA 10 and value in the collectible market. This was his highest ranked card and number 1 on his list. Number 2 was the 1983 UNO Earnhardt and
    Number 3 was the 1972 STP Richard Petty. >>

    Posted by eagles33

    Could you post this top 25 list? I would be interested to see what else is on it. Also is there much crossover appeal to Indy and formula one racing? I was wondering what your thoughts are on cards like 1969 panini Mario Andretti? I'm not much of a racing fan but I like to collect the rookie cards of HOFers in all sports. On my racing checklist are petty, Andretti, dale, jeff gordon and schumacher are there any legends that you think should be included that I missed?

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    Nascar360Nascar360 Posts: 1,851 ✭✭✭
    I guess I was wrong it was a top 20 list not a top 25.

    From what I can tell there is a big disconnect between IndyFormula one and NASCAR collectors. I went to the big memorabilia show in INDY and there were a few NASCAR guys selling but no one was buying other than me and Kingnascar.

    As for NASCAR HOF you can put Jimmie Johnson (5 time champ *Consecutive*), Tony Stewart (3 time champ) each of these guys will make it to the HOF.
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    eagles33eagles33 Posts: 2,678 ✭✭✭
    Cool thanks. Good read. Im surprised the 72 petty isnt higher. I've been looking for that card for about 2 years now and haven't seen one for sale.
    Scans of most of my Misc rookies can be found <a target=new class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="http://forums.collectors.com/m...y&keyword1=Non%20major">here
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    mtcardsmtcards Posts: 3,342 ✭✭✭
    Just a question regarding NASCAR....I recently purchased a huge lot of these cards, paid maybe $100 for all of it. Full sets, partial sets, inserts, etc from the 1990's. It had an almost complete 1989 Maxx Set (Minus the Earnhart), a 1989 crisco set, a factory 1988 which I sent a lot of the cards for grading (9's and 10's) dozens of smaller sets, etc. Would fill up 4 huge bins of stuff.

    Is any of this worth anything? I live in NASCAR country, although I do not follow it myself, can tell you that it is impossible to sell and after looking on ebay, is even a tougher sell there.
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    Nascar360Nascar360 Posts: 1,851 ✭✭✭
    The problem was it was red hot during the boom years (1988 - 1995) and people were purchasing multiple sets then the bottom fell out of it. The prices before the boom were like $800.00 for a 1988 Myrtle Beach set and $450.00 for a 1988 Maxx Charlotte set. 1989 Maxx Tool Box sets were $350.00. A set of 1989 Winners Circle cards (45 cards) were $1300.00. 1986 SportStar Photo-Graphics (13 cards) were $1800.00. When prices went down folks got burned and left the hobby. I think there is huge potential in some of the stuff like the 1988 & 1989 Maxx.
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    kingnascarkingnascar Posts: 636 ✭✭✭
    Of all, the Maxx issues, the 1989 is probably the toughest both in quantity and grading quality. I saw plenty of 1988 Maxx in 1988, however, I only saw a couple of 1989 Maxx factory sets at Talladega and never saw a box, packs or sets anywhere else. I bought my 1989 Maxx Factory set at Talladega. As far as grading, the 1989 Maxx cards are difficult because of the green back which is subject to chipping. The Dale Earnhardt rookie is also in this set, which makes the 1989 Maxx set very desirable.

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    Nice thread. Thanks so much for sharing.
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    Nascar360Nascar360 Posts: 1,851 ✭✭✭
    This list was created by scDave01 with the hope it would be an SMR article a few years ago. It was not selected but he did a good job on it.
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    I have about 2,000 88 Maxx cards that haven't been gone through since 88. NM-Mint condition. I bought them in a collection about a year ago. I don't have any knowledge of what are good cards, what the prices are, and what should be graded.

    Would live to work with someone on them. I don't even know where to get pricing.

    I admit I know I don't know...
    Miconelegacy Auctions
    "Live everyday, don't throw it away"
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    Nascar360Nascar360 Posts: 1,851 ✭✭✭
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