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Ali boxing glove, USC helmet signed by all 7 Heisman winners, and more!!

still have a lot of items for sale, including a USC in game helmet (not replica) signed by ALL 7 Heisman trophy winners from USC. Mike Garret, OJ Simpson, Charles White, Marcus Allen, Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, and Reggie Bush. SUPER RARE, OJ wont be signing anything else any time soon, so a piece like this is definitely one of a kind. Also have a Jordan Jersey framed and matted all custom, with an 8x10, two commemorative pins, and trading card. Also have an ali glove, and hank arron jersey framed just like the jordan. all with certs. dont check this site very often so please email me at mrwright5525@hotmail.com and i will get you pics.

also have access to a huge collection i can send a list of what is available.
over 1000 autographed items for sale
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