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Tarragona Siege 5 Pesetas

Saw the design a while back and its quite neat and simple. Anyone have any to show?


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    This sounds intriquing!
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    I've always like siege and emergency issues. Don't have any examples to post, but if you like the Tarragona pieces, check out Salus Populi coins of the Palma de Mallorca, like the one below:


    << <i>In 1821, due to an epidemic that kept Palma de mallorca isolated, it was necessary to coin again. This special currency bears an appropriate legend: SALUS POPULI, which translates "For the good of the People" >>

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    New coins listed monthly!

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    If I didn't know better, Zohar was coaxing me back onto the forum....... These are not in my main focus but I couldn't resist the simple designs and "personality" of the crude dies. It was historically an interesting time for Spain with Napoleon's activities around the continent.

    1821 - Majorca - 30 Sous/Sueldos

    1809 - Tarragona - 5 Pesetas

    1808 - Gerona - 5 Pesetas (1 Duro)
  • worldcoinguyworldcoinguy Posts: 2,998 ✭✭✭✭
    I have tried to go for the Barcelona piece in a couple of past auctions and fallen short both times. It is missing the crude die work, but still carries the historical significance of the other pieces of this time period. Here is a sample from coinfactswiki:

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    Just had this one holdered.

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