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Mickey Mantle Autograph,Legit?

I recently bought this Mantle auto,"claiming" to come from a large collection.There was no COA issued,but owner claimed authenticity.I got it for a price that was well worth the chance.What do ya fellas think of this?Real or fake?I'm no Mantle expert,and its the first real/fake i've owned,but I can return the favor with alot of the newer guy autos!Thanks fellas!

EDIT-Imageshack killed the quality,the auto is very crisp.



  • DboneesqDboneesq Posts: 18,220 ✭✭
    Put this up on the "Community Message Board" and you will get quite a few opinions.


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  • What did our poster hear? I'd pass on that (I don't so Sports at all, but that looks to have some problems, but not nearly as many as you can read about some of these authenticators!).

  • michiganboymichiganboy Posts: 1,246 ✭✭
    Fake you can see stops and starts on mickey, his signature is easy to try to copy IMHO.
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