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Sports Card Show in Orland Park, IL this Sunday

There's a card show at the Orland Park Civic Center in Orland Park, IL this Sunday. I haven't been to this show in years, but understand that they run the show twice a month these days. Has anyone been to it recently, and if so, is it worth the 2 hour drive from southeastern Wisconsin to attend? There are a couple of small monthly shows here in my area, but the Orland Park show is advertised as having 70 tables of merchandise.


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    It is hit or miss. Went one time when they had about 20 tables going.
    From what I can tell, 707 is the DOLLAR STORE compared to deans_cards. For what that guy charges, if I ever bought anything from him I would expect it to be delivered to me in a frickin' limo.
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    OAKESY25OAKESY25 Posts: 4,726 ✭✭✭
    100% not worth the drive
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    Not worth it, I went a few months ago. Most dealers are over priced. It's very small & cramped also...
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    Thanks for the advice!
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    I disagree with the comments here. I set up at most every Orland show selling vintage cards. There is always a large selection of vintage at reasonable prices. Almost all the vintage dealers will work with you on price. This show is definitely worth the drive from southern Wisconsin. There are always a few dealers from Milwaukee and recently there has been a guy driving down from Sheboygan, Wisc. You also get a lot dealers from Indiana and on occasion dealers from Detroit and St. Louis will make the trip. I think this is an excellent show.
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    I decided to try out the show and got set up with 2 tables to sell my modern junk. I have to agree with Cumberland about the show. Lots of familiar faces and a great turnout. From my quick walk around the room(s), there were a lot of dealers working with their buyers on deals and a great selection. It was well worth my drive through the morning blizzard.
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    Hey Gumbyfan, great seeing you at the show today! I had a terrific show too. Great crowd today and a ton of dealers. Hope to see you back there in two weeks.

    - Tony
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    ndleondleo Posts: 4,076 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Recycling this post. I'm going to be in Chicago this upcoming week and wondered if this show is worth going to? I was planning to look for some modern FB for my collection.

    I used to go when I lived in the midwest but haven't been in over 15 years.

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