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Roman Empire: Augustus (27 BC-14 AD) bronze as, struck circa 7 BC

AUGUSTUS (27 BC-14 AD), AE as, struck ca. 7 BC by moneyer M. Salvius Otho

Obverse- CAESAR AVGVST PONT MAX TRIBVNEC POT, bare head of Augustus right.
Reverse - M SALVIVS OTHO III VIR AAA F F around large S C.

RIC 431, 27.5mm, 11.4g. NGC VG (Strike 3/5, Surface 4/5), cert. #4094567-002. Ex-Incitatus Coins, Canada, May 2007, through VCoins store (purchased raw).

I find it interesting that the moneyer who struck this coin, Marcus Salvius Otho, was apparently a Roman knight who was the grandfather and namesake of the emperor Otho who ruled 76 years later. This was part of my first Roman collection, was sold in 2008, and repurchased in August 2011. While it's not a particularly high grade example and saw plenty of circulation, it has nice surfaces, a decent portrait, and full legends. I've always liked how it looks in hand. While probably not rare, it is a less common type.



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