1961 LIFE Magazine with Mantle and Maris cards Inside

Just wondering how much a 1961 LIFE magazine with the Mantle and Maris Post cards still attached is worth. A man at my church is selling one and im thinking of buying it but i have no idea how much it is worth.
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    I think in the $75-125 range.


    David (LD_Ferg)

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  • I actually just got one of those in a box of old life magazines at an auction for $2, and i was
    wondering the same thing.
  • I sold one for $150 recently...
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  • just want to correct your info so no one spends hours digging in the 1961 pile at the local antique mall image

    the cards are a 1962 and is found in the April 13, 1962 edition

    it is EXTREMELY common, if you can NOW get over $100 you are very lucky
    20 years ago Id get over $100 routinely because there was no eBay

    now they are all coming out of the woodwork and the market is saturated

    Ive resold at least 2 dozen of them over the years with most in the $50-$100 range
    but I have never bought one for more that $25 and most under $10

    the cards are slipped between the pages in the beginning of the magazine (page 8)

    this is what the cover looks like

    PS in reality, Mantle kinda sucked and is EXTREMELY overrated..... image
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  • I agree that you will be fortunate to get over $100 for it.

    Always looking for Mantle cards such as Stahl Meyer, 1954 Dan Dee, 1959 Bazooka, 1960 Post, 1952 Star Cal Decal, 1952 Tip Top Bread Labels, 1953-54 Briggs Meat, and other Topps, Bowman, and oddball Mantles.

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    there have been numerous completed sales on eBay and they average out to be in the $75 range

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