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Nile Kinnick (Iowa) autograph questions

Hi- someone I know has the signatures of
Iowa's Nile Kinnick and also the head coach
of Iowa during Nile Kinnick's time at Iowa.

The signatures are on a 1940 program of an event
where the two were guest speakers. The program
was found in a box of other things they purchased
at an auction.

The owner of these signatures is looking to sell them
and isn't sure how best to proceed with it.

From what I read these signatures are on the rare
side and I am wondering your thoughts on where
best to sell them? Can they be sold on Ebay? They
don't have any certificate of authenticity for it, so
would it still be of interest to ebay bidders?

I have seen the Nile Kinnick signature on the program
and it looks like others I've seen when doing research

Any responses would be appreciated, thanks alot!


  • DboneesqDboneesq Posts: 18,220 ✭✭
    For an autograph that valuable don't play around. Spend the money and get it authenticated and slabbed NOW! His auto sells in the THOUSANDS!


    Liquidating my collection for the 3rd and final time. Time for others to enjoy what I have enjoyed over the last several decades. Money could be put to better use.
  • Hi Raiderborg,

    I am not into Sports, but I do collect other neat, some quite scarce. Such papers are meaningless to me. Some of those certs bear signature which I'd rather not be associated with a potential purchase. With the right buyer, those papers should be unnecessary.

  • Hi Raiderborg. I am an Iowa Collector and would be interested in purchasing a Kinnick autograph. Could you contact me at hawk_[email protected] to discuss? Take Care.
  • Hi HawkeyeCollector,

    I was wondering if you "need" those papers to purchase a Kinnick? I have seen more forged Lugosi's with "good" certs than genuine Lugosi's which are often not even slabbed.

  • Hi Magicbilly.

    No, I wouldn't need the papers depending on what the signature looked like and the history. I am from the old school of collecting as far as trusting the person I purchase it from. Do you happen to have a Kinnick?

  • Hello,

    I am sorry - I do not have one. I was trying to establish the need (or not in our case, for certain unsupported papers from certain places who don't bear 5 minutes more examination than certain signatures image Welcome.

  • Hi All,
    I also have been given a paper w several signatures, including a large Nile Kinnick, from the 1939 Iowa Ironmen's football team. I tried to attach it but it's too large. I'm trying to get an idea of what it might be worth. I'm not a collector so just trying to do some due diligence. My father in law was a student at Iowa and went to the final game of the 39 season when Iowa played Northwestern, in Chicago. I can email the signature paper if anyone is interested.

    The signatures are: Mike Eimech, E. Prasse, Nile Kinnick, Al Couppee, "Red" Frye, Jim Walker and Bill Green. They are all written on Morrison Hotel stationery, which is pretty cool. That hotel was the world's tallest hotel at the time, or so the stationery claims.

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