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Pvt. Invititation to Drinks IN Captain RV Peels Cabin 1931 Signed RARE

Hi All,

for any ocean liner fans out there - a truly superb offering: A privately printed card of invitation to drinks IN Captain Reginald Peel's quarters on the Cunard express liner R.M.S. Mauretania (1907-1035). Dated 1931 and both filled out and signed in fountain pen, this card retains it original invitation for delivery to the appropriate cabin and is signed yet again on the envelope. This is the only example I have ever seen from this or any Captain. Fastest ship on the Atlantic for 22 years straight, the R.M.S. Mauretania will be remembered for her revolutionary design and WW1 service in which she evaded a torpedo by 3-5 feet (unlike her unlucky sister Lusitania) and also the fact that not a single life was lost aboard despite having transported many, many thousands. If interested contact magikbilly@yahoo.com I guarantee this item as I do all others - this is so rare and specific TPG's will not have any exmplars so I will supply another example of his hand on a postcard (much more "common" - I have seen 1 signed postcard and 1 "log abstract" from Captain Illingworth on the Aquitania) and point you to my ocean liner memorabilia accomplishments and credentials.

Best wishes and thanks,

Edited to add: The card has a beautiful steel engraving of the Mauretania at sea - extremely high quality work and card stock.
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