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  • Prices Include Shipping (except for mint sets) within the US. Paypal or check/money order accepted.

    **Updated 7/16/11**

    1871 Indian Head Cent PCGS G06 $80
    The coin looks to be a solid Good 6, but the slab is rather scuffed. Ideal if you want to crack out and put into an album.

    1882 Shield Nickel ICG AU53 (problem-free) $80

    1939 Mercury Dime ICG MS67 $40
    This is very close to being FB

    1943 Mercury Dime ICG MS65FB (problem-free) $25

    1923-S Monroe Doctrine Half Dollar ICG AU53 $50

    Silver State Quarters - All PCGS PR69 DCAM $12 each shipped
    2000 Maryland, S. Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia
    2002 Ohio
    2003 Alabama, Maine
    2004 Florida (Flag), Texas, Iowa
    2005 California, Oregon (Flag)
    2006 Nevada, Nebraska
    2007 Washington, Idaho (Flag), Utah
    2009 N. Mariana (Flag), U.S. Virgin Islands (Flag), American Samoa (Flag), Guam (Flag), Puerto Rico (Flag)

    Uncirculated Mint Sets - Buyer will pay actual postage costs for mint sets
    2000 Philadelphia coins only (10 Coins) $3.50 - 1 available
    2003 Denver coins only (10 Coins) $5.00 - 1 available
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    Here are some of the under $100 offerings from my BST post of last month which are still available. Prices include shipping. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Thanks.

    1909 VDB Lincoln Cent PCI MS64RB - $75

    I haven’t owned too many PCI graded coins, but this coin was just too cool to pass up. I also think the coin is accurately graded, though an argument could be made for a BN designation instead of the RB. There are enough small marks on the coin that a 65 grade wouldn’t be appropriate. However, the color of this coin is great. The obverse is a beautiful purple-brown color with bits of red-orange bursting through near the rim. The reverse has the same great color, but much more original red color popping through. The color and luster of the coin also hide most of the minor hits making the coin look more attractive than the grade suggests. An overall great example of this one-year type coin which is also the first year of the 100+ year issue.


    1960-D Lincoln Cent NGC MS66RD (Old NGC fatty) - $20

    Pretty cool bright-red Memorial Cent that almost looks proof-like, especially on the obverse. The fields show tons of die polish lines that I think make this coin really pop. The reverse is a tiny bit more mellow that the reverse.


    1965 Lincoln Cent ANACS MS65RD (Old ANACS w/ XX0000 cert. no.) - $15

    Nice gem red Memorial Cent. Definitely a business strike and not an SMS coin. The coin is in an earlier version of the small ANACS holder. The coin is full red, spot free and has decent luster. The luster is just starting to mellow on the reverse.


    1962 Roosevelt Dime NGC PF69 - $35

    Here’s another Proof 69 Roosevelt Dime that is bright white and frosty. This one is maybe halfway or so to being cameo as it does exhibit some cameo contrast, but not nearly enough to get the designation. A very pretty dime in an earlier NGC holder.


    1971-S Washington Quarter NGC PF69* Cameo - $50

    A bright white frosty proof Washington Quarter that is very close to perfection and very close to being deep/ultra cameo. I think the obverse is full deep/ultra cameo but the reverse is just a tiny bit shy of meeting the deep/ultra cameo mark, but it’s very close. Accordingly, the coin was given the star designation by NGC.


    1998-S Washington Quarter (Clad) PF70 Ultra Cameo - $50

    A perfect example of the last proof Washington Quarter before they started the Statehood Quarters and then the National Park Quarters. This is the last one with the eagle reverse and it looks great in Proof 70 deep/ultra cameo!! In searching auction archives I found this exact coin sold in the Heritage Sunday Internet Auction on July 22, 2007 (Lot 24493) for $39.


    1892 Columbian Half Dollar PCGS MS63 (ex. NGC MS64) - $75

    Decent mint state example of the 1892 Columbian commemorative half. If you like dipped white coins instead of those crazy looking toned ones, then this is a good one for you. I originally purchased this coin in an NGC MS64 holder and cracked it out for my 7070 type set. Awhile ago (before + grading) I needed a couple of coins to fill out a submission and this one came back PCGS MS63, oh well! I originally paid $150 for this coin so offering at half my purchase price hurts a bit! I still think it’s an MS64 coin. The NGC MS64 insert label is included.


    2007-P John Adams Presidential Dollar Error Doubled Edge Lettering Inverted First Day of Issue PCGS Brilliant Uncirculated (I grade it MS65) - $75

    A pretty neat edge lettering error on this presidential dollar. The coin went through the machine and was given edge lettering, then somehow it was flipped over and fed through the machine again so you have a doubled lettering but with one set of letters upside down in relation to the other set. Can see the error very clearly with the PCGS edge view holder. Coin is designated as First Day of Issue as well. PCGS didn’t give the coin a grade, but instead called it “Brilliant Uncirculated.” Was probably part of a dealer’s bulk order and graded this way. I think the coin is an MS65. Just a few small marks scattered about and none very distracting. The only mark that is of particular note is a moderate hit just above the Statue of Liberty on the reverse.


    2007-P/D Thomas Jefferson Presidential Dollar 4-coin Position A/B multi-coin slab PCGS MS66 - $40

    Four different Jefferson Presidential Dollars each graded PCGS MS66. You get two from Philadelphia and two from Denver (one Position A and one Position B from each Mint). Pretty neat multi-coin slab that is nearly the same dimensions as the new slabs used for the 5oz. ATB silver bullion quarters. The coins look nice but the holder is a bit scuffed up, especially on the reverse, but the scuffs could likely be polished out.


    1961 Canadian Proof-Like Mint Set in Capital Plastic Holder - $45

    All of these coins are PL and look great. The half and the dime have a little bit of golden rim toning as well. The entire set is priced just barely above the value of the silver content. At $35/oz. silver, the set melts for approximately $39.


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    30 issues of "The Numismatist" are for sale here...
    From June 2003 to May 2011, including the special ANA 2009 convention issue. These are all in excellent condition.
    All for $30 delivered...

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    1964 Lincoln PCGS MS66RD $55 delivered
    1964-D Roosevelt FS-502 RPM PCGS AU-55 $38 delivered
  • 1889 $1 Morgan Dollar certified NGC "Brilliant Uncirculated" $55.00 Shipped/Insured or Best Offer
  • - Removed -
    - Bob

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    Lots of misc here.

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    1. USPS shipping is $5, free if multiple coins are purchased.
    2. Payment by Paypal preferred (Payment owed or regular - your choice); but other methods of payment may be accepted with appropriate BST references or verified "Circle of Trust" credentials. image
    3. Satisfaction guaranteed
    after you review the coin in hand...you pay return postage and I'll refund the balance when the coin is received.
    4. Please PM if you are interested.

    1953 Proof Washington Quarter - PR67 - $40 - I just received this coin back from PCGS; Very nice cameo obverse and lightly frosted reverse. Last 3 PCGS PR67 Heritage sales - $47, $57, and $39 PCGS Certificate Verification


    1964 Proof Accented Hair Kennedy Half (2) - RAW - $35 each - Two attractive examples of this popular variety.



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    I'll take the TJ coin and currency set with packaging for $48 delivered if that is acceptable. I'll pay by paypal gift if
    you would like.

    BST deals: Dozens of buys/sells. Will provide a list upon request.
    Registry: CC lowballs (boblindstrom)
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    Anybody have a need for any of these US Mint packaging leftovers? NO COINS in any of the following!

    The Mint's 3-character code precedes each packaging item, where applicable:

    Z6E - Gold American Eagles, 4-coin Uncirculated Box set, w/2006 COA (no lenses, no coins)
    A10 - 20th Anniv Silver Eagle silver-colored boxes, x4 (but no black cases inside)
    Z8F - 2008-W Silver Eagle Uncirculated, x9, with 8 COA's
    BN1 and BN3 - 2006-P Ben Franklin silver proofs, boxes only, no velvet presentation cases or COA's

    Proof Set Envelopes, with COA:
    1964 x2

    Mint Set Envelopes:


    Blue Ike Envelopes:

    Brown Ike Boxes, x3

    Red Bicentennial Envelopes:
    3-pc silver clad uncirculated, x2 (no COA)

    Bicentennial Silver 3-pc Proof Set mini-album, no COA

    Terms on items above: what's it worth? I could see the whole lot fitting in a large, so: 9.95 flat rate Priority Mail box plus whatever you think they're worth. Let me know if you're interested!
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    $65.00...Paypal...with insured first class shipping included.
  • Nice 1885-O Morgan PCGS MS63 SOLD
    Has Blue rim toning on obv and rev which fades to a rosey gold in the centers


    1890 PCGS MS63 SOLD
    Obv has a bit more color than the picture shows rev is white except for a light hit of gold near the rim.

    1959-D PCGS MS65 Washington Quarter
    The scratch along washingtons forhead is on the slab not the coin, on the rev that is a die crack on E PLURIBUS

    1958-D PCGS MS66 Washington Quarter

    1963 NGC PF68 Cameo (old no line holder)
    Guessing it was white when slabbed but turned mostly blue due to the no line holder

    1958 NGC PF68 (old no line holder)
    rev rims are the same color blue as the obv just couldn't get it to show in my photography
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    Payment by check, MO, regular paypal.
    All prices are delivered.

    a) 1938 PR64 Jefferson Nickel: This coin has some hazing consistant with originality. $98 delivered

    b) 1939-D PCGS MS64, reverse of 40 Jefferson Nickel. SOLD

    c) 1942 NGC MS66 Jefferson Nickel. $45 delivered

    d) 1942-P NGC MS66 Jefferson Nickel. The hologram on the reverse came off when an old auction sticker was removed. $40 delivered

    e) Delete

    f) Delete

    g) 1956 NGC MS65 Jefferson Nickel. $75 delivered

    h)1957-D NGC MS65 Jefferson Nickel. $40 delivered
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    Welcome to my BST Forum "mini store"! image

    Terms of Sale & Shipping: Unless you see the words "delivered" or "postpaid" in the description, please add what you consider to be an appropriate amount for shipping, including extra for insurance if desired. Generally I ask no more than a dollar or two for uninsured domestic shipments of one or two coins. Insured shipments require a 20-mile drive to the post office (as I live out in the country), so figure $4-5 or so, (more for valuable Registered Mail shipments). I usually prefer to send shipments under $50 value uninsured so I can mail them straight from my home mailbox instead of going into town, but that is up to you. I will package the coins securely in a bubble mailer either way. PayPal is fine. Customers outside the USA are welcome, but of course I'll need to charge you a bit more for shipping- just shoot me a PM and we'll figure that out.

    If you use PayPal, PLEASE add your forum name to the payment so I know who you are and what you are buying!

    Full return privilege if you are not 100% satisfied. My return privilege is very flexible, mostly because I've almost never needed one. The main thing I ask is that you notify me as soon as you can if there is a problem or concern of any kind, and I'll do my best to make it good.

    Contact Info: Should I ever disappear from the forums and the computer for several days to a week or more, as I sometimes do, and you need to reach me, feel free to call (912) 261-8408 and ask for Rob. I check PMs more than I do email, so emailing me in the event of a forum absence won't help much- usually when I am away, I am away from the computer entirely.

    I love to swap! I'll even let you haggle... a little. Reasonable counteroffers or trades? Put your best foot forward... I'm listening! If there's "wiggle room" somewhere, I'm OK with letting you haggle me down a few bucks. The operative phrase there is a few. Generally I've got more flexibility in the world coins than the US coins, but of course that varies. Don't be shy- I've been a swapper for decades and hagglin' don't bother me too much 'cause I got my start as a flea market dealer. (Ain't come up in the world too much since then, either, haha.)

    A note about pictures: I totally stink at coin photography. Part of that is substandard equipment, part of it is improper lighting, and part of it is just plain inexperience. (I do some pretty decent landscapes outdoors, but my indoor macro work is horrid.) I've recently reverted to using a scanner since with that at least I know I'll get detailed and well focused images, but the scanner doesn't work well on lustrous coins or some with a thick patina. On a few coins I wavered back and forth between scanner and camera and got wretched results both ways. If the picture you see looks good, odds are that I got it from the previous owner of the coin! But even a blind pig finds a few acorns, so once in a while I get a lucky shot. Please bear this in mind when you see the pictures below, and forgive me if I am constantly apologizing for the poor pictures. In the rare event you might want to reuse one of my pictures, that's fine- go right ahead.

    Bullion Info & Misc: I've added a bullion chart from Kitco.com towards the bottom of this thread, should you need it for reference. I'll probably add some other useful links there over time. Also, if you need info on a coin you bought here, I've started archiving these threads- Just do a search for "BST archives" on the Testing forum.

    Enough blather, now- on with the COINS!


    Below are some leftovers from my old Roman Imperial collection, which I was forced to break up when I got laid off in 2008. Since then, I've resumed collecting Roman coins (I love this stuff!) but now I'm focusing exclusively on the "Twelve Caesars" (Julius Caesar through Domitian). Got a nice Roman from that era to sell or swap? Let me know! Oh- and if you've always thought these kind of coins were interesting but have never collected any, don't be afraid- jump right in! They're not as hard to study as most people think, and the Web is full of free reference material. Also, they're often a lot less expensive than you'd think, considering the rarity of some of them.

    image Roman Empire: silver denarius of CARACALLA (198-217 AD), struck 210 AD
    CARACALLA, Augustus 198-211 (with Septimius Severus and/or Geta), 211-217 (and sole ruler after he killed Geta, his brother). Rome Mint, struck 210 AD. Obverse- ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, laureate head right. Reverse- PONTIF TRP XIII COS III, Virtus standing right with spear and parazonium, foot on helmet. RIC 117a, RSC 477. 19.7 mm, 2.865 g. Ex-John Knudsen ("johnsim03"), 03/2011. (I've recycled his old picture- note that I'm asking 10% less than he was, originally.) $70.

    image Roman Empire: bronze antoninianus of QUINTILLUS (270 AD)- scarce emperor- ruled less than a year
    QUINTILLUS, Augustus 270 AD. Obverse- radiate and draped bust right. Reverse- Securitas standing left, leaning on column and holding scepter. RIC-31, Cohen-63, Sear-11451 21 mm, 3 g. Ex-Incitatus Coins (Canada), 05/2007. Asking $39, which should be my cost or a little below it, but since online records of that purchase are gone and I don't remember what I paid, just make me an offer.

    image Roman/Palmyrene Empire: bronze antoninianus of VABALATHUS (266-272 AD), struck ca. 271 AD, desert patina
    VABALATHUS was king of the breakaway Palmyrene empire under his mother, Zenobia, ca. 266-272 AD. This was initially with the acquiescence of the Roman emperor Aurelian (who was busy fighting on other fronts), but Aurelian later conquered Palmyra in 273. This bronze antoninianus was struck at Antioch around 271 AD and shows dual portraits of Aurelian and Vabalathus, perhaps in expression of the Palmyrene hope that Aurelian would allow them to coexist. Obverse- VABALATHVS V CRIMDR, Laureate and draped bust right. Reverse- IMP C AVRELIANVS AVG, Radiate and draped bust right. (Which side is considered the obverse and which is the reverse is up for debate on a two-headed coin, but more folks probably use this type to represent Vabalathus in collections.) RIC-381. 20.62 mm, 3.3 g. Ex-Ancient Imports, 05/2007. Use this in a coin toss, and you'll always win, provided you pick "heads" every time! Asking $69, which is my cost.

    image Roman/Gallic Empire: bronze antoninianus of TETRICUS I (ca. 270-274 AD)
    TETRICUS I was emperor of the breakaway Gallic Empire from circa 270 (or 271) AD until 273 (or 274) AD. (As is often typical of the Crisis of the Third Century,sources sometimes differ on the exact dates). He ruled with his son Tetricus II, until they were defeated by Aurelian and the Gallic provinces were brought back under the dominion of Rome. AE antoninianus. Obverse- IMP TETRICVS P F AVG, radiate, cuirassed bust right. Reverse- HILARITAS AVGG, Hilaritas standing left, holding palm and cornucopiae. RIC-80, Cohen-57. 19.6 mm, 2.3 g. Ex-Ancient Imports, 05/2007. Asking $34, which is my cost.

    image Roman Empire: bronze antoninianus of CARUS (282-283 AD), posthumous issue struck ca. 283 AD
    CARUS, Augustus 282-283 AD. Posthumous AE antoninianus, Siscia mint, ca. 283 AD. Obverse- DIVO CARO PARTHICO, radiate head right. Reverse- CONSECRATIO AVG, flaming altar, A to right, SMSXXI in exergue. RIC-111 var., Cohen-23, Venera-4341. 21 mm, 3 g. Ex-Ancient Imports, 05/2007, Harmer Rooke 1988. Asking $55, which should be my cost or a little below it, but since online records of that purchase are gone and I don't remember what I paid, just make me an offer.


    image Great Britain: copper farthing of George II, 1754, VG
    KM581.2, copper, 24 mm. This coin did not scan very well because it is such a dark brown. I had to tweak the colors and/or brightness in the picture and that ended up making it look a bit strange (and still too dark). In hand, it is a pleasant brown circulated example with nice surfaces. There are some faint old marks but overall the eye appeal is good for a low grade piece. Krause lists a 1754/0 overdate and there appears to be something going on beneath the 4 on this one, but it doesn't look like a 4 over a 0- it looks more like the 4 was repunched. Update- this photo only shows the obverse but it should demonstrate how bad the scans truly are. The coin actually has fairly decent surfaces for a lower-grade example. $7.

    image Great Britain: copper halfpenny of George III, 1799, G
    KM647, copper. 31 mm approx. A one-year type, KM647 has several subvarieties that have something to do with the number of gunports on the ship (five, six, nine, none, etc.), and whether those gunports are raised or incuse. Which is something of a joke, even on coins in better shape than this, as the ship is but a tiny blip on the horizon. Counting gunports on a piece in this grade? Fuhgeddaboutit- who cares? All the varieties are relatively similar in value, anyway. Just call this another nice, cheap oldie. Yes, there is a rim nick but the scanner exaggerated it- it's not inconsistent with the grade level, if you ask me. The coin has pretty nice surfaces overall. "Just honest wear", as they say. $5.

    image Great Britain: silver halfcrown of George VI, 1938, BU
    KM856, .500 silver/.2273 oz. Nice white UNC with cartwheel luster not seen in the picture. Gradewise, I personally would estimate it to be either a high-end MS63 or maybe even a more typical MS64. There are a few small marks so it's no MS65, but it's definitely one of the nicer 50% silver halfcrowns I've had. $27.

    image Greece: silver 20 drachmai of Paul I, 1960, VF
    KM85, .835 silver/.2013 oz. The obverse of this piece features a left-facing bust of Paul I and the reverse portrays Selene the moon goddess on horseback, riding over waves and dolphin. This is a typical circulated example and there's nothing really special about it, but it's silver, and the reverse design is kind of nice. I'll ask $8, which is slightly less than the melt value as of this edit (7/18/11).

    image Ireland: silver halfcrown, 1928, VG
    KM 8, .750 silver/.3409 oz. Well worn with an old stain or two, but not displeasing. For once I'll say my scans portray the coin accurately. 1928 was the inaugural year for modern Irish coinage under the post-independence Irish Free State. The obverse features the harp common to all Irish coins, and the reverse an Irish Hunter horse. I'll price this piece a little less than its melt value (as of 7/18/11). $13.

    image Jersey: 1/12 shilling of Queen Victoria, 1877-H, AU+
    KM8, bronze. 240,000 minted. This coin is lighter brown than the poorly-focused pictures indicate. There's some faint rim chatter but not enough to call a real problem, I'd say. It's a sharp About Uncirculated piece and I'd frankly be surprised if a third-party grading company didn't assign it a grade somewhere between AU53 and AU58. I'll split the difference and call it AU55, in my opinion. The surfaces are quite nice and it's a very handsome piece in hand. The Fourth edition Krause lists an UNC at $50. I'll ask $26 for this one.


    Psst! Are you a "holey" coin weirdo like me? Don't worry- I won't tell your dirty little secret. Just PM me if you wanna make a bulk package offer on all of the holey duplicates I've listed below- I'll cut you a bargain. image

    image USA: "holey" Flying Eagle cent, 1857
    This one is a castoff from my famous "Holey Coin Vest" because I upgraded to one with UNC details. I reckon it's probably got Good (G4) details. Whoever holed it was paying attention to the reverse, since the hole's at the top of that side. He spared the date by drilling inwards from the rim a bit, though. An undamaged G4 lists for $28 in the 2011 Red Book, so for this one I guess I'll ask $9.

    image USA: Indian Head cent, 1867, better date w/VF details but two holes
    As a longtime collector of holed coins, I subscribe wholeheartedly to the maxim that "one man's trash is another man's treasure". I love holey coins that are "heartbreakers" for other collectors, but even I have to say "ouch" over this one. Of course when somebody murdered this coin, no doubt for a bracelet or watch fob, he didn't know that future collectors would lament this. It was just a penny to him. The coin has full LIBERTY and some veins in the feathers. If it were unholed, this would be a $135 piece by the current Red Book. As-is, well, who knows. What's it worth to you? The bottom hole goes through the 6 in the date but does not completely obliterate it. Even if it were gone you could tell this is a Type 1 Indian (the last feather in the headband points between I and C in AMERICA), which would narrow it down to either 1867 or 1877. Boy howdy, if it were an 1877 that would be a real heartbreaker! Here's a cool semi-key Indian for someone who's not too picky- maybe even another one of you Holeyheads. (I'm not the only nut out there who collects this stuff, haha.) Price? I dunno. Let me pull a number out of thin air. If you don't like that number, pull one of your own out of thin air and PM it to me. Let's say... umm... $22?

    image USA: Indian Head cent, 1905, G+ to VG
    Nothing but your everyday humble, common Indian cent here. There's some old circulation scuz in places but the scans exaggerate the differences in color. In hand, it's an even brown with decent surfaces; just about what you'd expect for an inexpensive collection in a folder or album. The top half of the motto LIBERTY is visible, so it's not one of those flat G4 coins with just a silhouette for a portrait. $2

    BU Lincoln/Wheat cents- I've got a few I'll be posting below, but let me go ahead and say it now- these images are scans, and SCANS WILL NOT SHOW LUSTER. There, I've said it. Again. No doubt I'll repeat myself a few times before all is said and done, haha.

    image USA: Lincoln/Wheat cent, 1939, Red BU
    A nice Red Wheatie. This one has begun mellowing just a bit to the right of the portrait, but only the tiniest bit- it is by no means a RB coin- and is still a full Red by just about anyone's standards. I'd say it's still probably 98% Red. The luster is fine. I personally called this one MS 64 RD when I had it out at my antique mall booth, but let's just call it MS63 RD to be safe. $5.

    image USA: Lincoln/Wheat cent, 1939-D, Red BU
    Nice full Red coin with great color and luster. In hand, I see no reason this shouldn't go MS65 RD but let's just say MS64 RD to be safe. $8.

    image USA: Lincoln/Wheat cent, 1940, Red BU
    Some very slight mellowing but still full Red. A few micro specks in the fields, which aren't quite so noticeable with the coin in hand- the scans exaggerated them a little. This is a fairly typical MS63 RD coin, I'd say. $3.

    image USA: Lincoln/Wheat cent, 1940-S, Red BU
    Nice orange-red coin with full luster. I'd call it MS63 to MS64 RD. There are some marks near the top of the reverse which I think are die cracks. I marked them with tiny red arrows in the picture, but the arrows got kind of "melted" when the jpeg quality of the image was reduced. $5.

    image USA: Buffalo nickel, 1938-D in old "fattie" NGC MS65 holder
    Has that nice goldish "liquid" luster which is frequently seen on these later-date pieces. $49.

    image USA: silver Jefferson "War" nickel, 1945-S, BU in AirTite holder
    This coin has nice luster I'd call "chatoyance". There's a sixty-four-dollar word for you. It comes from a French word describing the shifting, lustrous properties of a cat's eye, and is often used by jewelers when describing the "star" in cabochon gems. But I digress, as usual. It has a satiny sort of luster, in other words. I see no reason I wouldn't personally call this coin MS65 or maybe better, but let's just say MS64. It's not a Full Steps coin, as it has the typical mushy strike there. When I scanned it there was some weird green on the portrait. Either this was a strange artifact of the digital image, or there is a trace of PVC on the coin that the scanner saw when I couldn't. In hand, it looks just fine- the green stuff either doesn't exist or is invisible to the naked eye. You might wanna take the coin out of the holder and give it a quick acetone bath, just in case there is PVC there. In the end, I reimaged it with photos to try and catch some of the luster (they didn't, entirely), and I abandoned the awful scans. This is a handsome BU warnick and I think you'll like it. If not, I'll take it back. $15.

    image USA: Jefferson nickels, eight different including circulated 1939-D key date
    This lot consists of the following: 1939 AU58, 1939-D F15 (sm. obverse scratch), 1939-S AU50, 1942 Type 1 AU50, 1944-P silver VF20, 1953 BU (MS63+), 1954 AU55, and a 1957 proof (PR65+). Though low grade, the 1939-D is a key date, of course. That coin does have a shallow, curved scratch that runs parallel to the bottom of the words GOD and WE in the motto, probably from old counting machine damage. It's fairly subtle, though, since it kind of underlines the lettering and is not immediately apparent to the eye. The 1939-S is a semi-key date and though very lightly circulated, it is a nice looking coin. The 1942 is a nonsilver Type 1 with some light brownish toning. The 1944-P is pretty typical but at least it gives you one silver coin in the lot. The 1953 is a pretty BU coin with light gold toning, and the 1957 is a proof which doesn't have super-deep mirrors but rather a more "liquid luster" look to it and some very subtle purplish toning. All in all this lot would possibly be a nice way of filling or upgrading a few holes in somebody's "everyman" nickel album. $19.
    Here are some slightly larger scans: (Obverses) ~ (Reverses)

    image USA: key date 1844 dime, VG details
    The 1844, popularly nicknamed the "Little Orphan Annie" dime, is as most of you know a true key date in the Seated dime series. This particular example has some old crisscross scratches on the obverse which will knock quite a bit off the price, but it does have solid VG details and medium-dark (perhaps original) toning which helps to mitigate the scratches somewhat. Most of LIBERTY on the shield is complete. Numismedia trends as of this posting are $180 in G4 and $240 in VG8. I'll ask $145. Or... do you wanna swap?
    ON HOLD (Simply because I've... umm... misplaced it, for the moment... I swear it's around here somewhere...)

    image USA: eight-piece mixed lot, cents through dime, 1907-1956
    This lot consists of the following coins: 1907 Indian cent (VG+), 1928 Lincoln/Wheat cent (VF+), 1945-S Lincoln/Wheat cent (Red BU), 1948-S Lincoln/Wheat cent (Red BU), 1956 Lincoln/Wheat cent (Red BU), 1907 Liberty nickel (G), 1934-D Buffalo nickel (G), and a 1912-D Barber dime (G). All are problem free and pretty much what you'd expect, I reckon. The 1907 cent looks almost Fine. I'd call the 1945-S cent MS63 RD. The 1948-S cent has some nice gold color and looks particularly nice, in my opinion- it's the prize of the lot, probably. I'd call both it and the 1956 cent MS65+ RD. The 1907 nickel is a pretty typical low grade piece but at least it has a full rim on the reverse. The Buffalo nickel and Barber dime are both typical low grade pieces. $16.
    Here are some slightly larger scans: (Obverses) ~ (Reverses)

    image USA: "holey" 1877 Seated Liberty quarter
    Nice XF-ish detail and "CircCam" contrast. Yeah, it's a holey, but it's a nice holey. I'll price it below Numismedia G4 price, as of this posting (7/18/11). Without the hole, this would be a $70-ish coin, I reckon. $21.

    image USA: 1917 (Type 1) Standing Liberty quarter, Fine
    A handsome original coin with that "nice-dirty" look and no distractions. $55.

    image USA: Statehood quarters, five pieces 2008-P clad coins cut from mint set
    These coins feature the designs from Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, and Hawaii. They are all dated 2008-P and are copper-nickel clad. Cut from a mint set, they remain in the original plastic. Despite the weirdly-colored scans, all are white and of MS65+ quality. $2.

    image USA: "holey" 1834 Capped Bust half dollar
    A cool holey with VF+ to XF-ish details. Would likely be a $100+ coin without the hole. As-is, I'll ask $50, which is significantly below Numismedia G4 price (as of 7/18/11).

    image USA: "holey" 1858-O Seated Liberty half dollar
    This one's got sharp AU-ish details and a tidy hole. Without the hole, this coin trends $162 in XF40 and $215 in AU50 on Numismedia (7/18/11). Coins like this are "heartbreakers" to mainstream collectors, but if you're whacked enough to love holeys (like I do), you've gotta admit this one's a beauty! I'll ask $50.

    image Raw VG-F Barber half wantlist
    I'm collecting VG Barber halves in a Dansco album. Let me know if you have any I need! I'll happily trade anything off this list or buy from you if you have nice original grey VG-F coins for sale at or below VG prices. When I end up with duplicates I will add them below.

    image USA: Barber half dollar, 1909-S, VG
    Here's a nice original grey circulated Barber half, recently a part of my VG Dansco collection. I just upgraded to one with a bit more detail in LIBERTY on the headband, but this one's got four letters ("LI...TY") present. $18.


    image Screw-top coin bezels in assorted sizes
    The cent-sized bezels are gold-colored while all of the others are silver colored. I would not recommend these for valuable coins, obviously, but they make nice inexpensive mounts for cheap keepsake coins. A few years back I took some of those gold-plated Statehood quarters from my home state and put some in these bezels, and they sold very nicely at my antique mall booth. I gave my lady boss a Peace dollar in one of these as a Christmas gift, and she was happy. Put some common Indian cents, Buffalo nickels, or Merc dimes in these and I'll bet you'll find them popular. Use needle nose pliers to gently open the crown screw, put the coin in, and screw the crown back on. Be careful not to overtighten or you could snap the stem off. $2 each

    CENT size (gold color): 9 available
    NICKEL size (silver color): 10 available
    DIME size (silver color): 10 available
    QUARTER size (silver color): 22 available
    HALF DOLLAR size (silver color): 8 available
    LARGE DOLLAR (Morgan/Peace/Ike, not ASE) size (silver color): 8 available
    Keychain attachment (the typical inexpensive kind you see on most novelty key rings): 4 available (just ask for one free if you buy a bezel).


  • dsessomdsessom Posts: 1,497 ✭✭✭
    Dwayne Sessom
  • greghansengreghansen Posts: 4,317 ✭✭
    1886 ICG MS64 Morgan Dollar. 100% white. Very clean cheek. Strong strike. Nice solid coin for the grade. $75 shipped. Paypal is fine. 7 day return privilige on all coins. Buyer pays return shipping.

    1938-D ANACS F12 Walking Liberty Half. Nice original circulated key date coin. $100 shipped.

    1923-S PCGS XF40 Monroe Commemorative. Nice original circulated surfaces. $55 shipped.

    1952 Washington/Carver Commemorative ANACS MS65. $55 shipped.

    Greg Hansen, Melbourne, FL Click here for any current EBAY auctions Multiple "Circle of Trust" transactions over 14 years on forum

  • Anything that looks like a white smudge or scratch is on the slab, not the coin. Shipping will be $4 for the first coin and $1 for any additional coins. I'm open to offers, and trade for circulated type coins (seated libs, capped busts + many more). Payment will be via PayPal only (gift option please).

    PCGS MS67 1976-S Washington Quarter. BLAST WHITE! $32

    NGC MS65 1971-D Eisenhower Dollar. PQ for the grade, nice and lustrous. $35

    PCGS MS66 Omaha Bank Hoard (written on paper in slab) 1938-D Jefferson Nickel. Golden toning, and blazing luster. $35

    PCGS MS63RD Lincoln Wheat Cent. Tough coin to photograph, looks better in hand. Nice luster, has toning specks/uneven metal mixing. $45

    PCGS MS64 1915-A Germany 1/2 Mark. Rainbow toned on one side, blast white on the other! Both sides super lustrous, and color is better in hand. $35

    Will sell all together for a discount.
  • BroadstruckBroadstruck Posts: 26,597 ✭✭✭✭

    Here's an original shotgun roll of 40 Trenton & Mercer Co. Traction Corp. A-885 transportation tokens.
    These on average sell for about $5.00 to 7.00 each - Asking $100.00 shipped for the roll.
    White Metal 16MM Diameter, "T" for Trenton central cutout.
    Obverse: Trenton Mercer Tracktion Corporation
    Reverse: Good for one fare - EM Hunt Treasurer Signature.


    Without a doubt one of the freshest items to hit the market...
    Totally original skinned and completely unmolested in any fashion.
    Either lovely silver plated tin or possible even pewter with hazy white patina and some signs of mild pitting.
    Provenance unknown but far finer then any examples known in the Avon registry.
    Definite contender for top pop and a sticker should adhere without an issue.
    Asking $15.00 Shipped.
    Dish measures 5" in diameter and is 1" deep.


    These are 1950's Gold Painted Lead Replica Reproductions which on average sell for $7.00 to $20 each ingot.
    Each measures approx. 1 1/4" x 7/8"
    I'm offering 2 Lots at $100.00 Shipped Each -
    1 Lot of 10 Gold Painted (10 Total)
    1 Lot of 9 Gold Painted and 2 non Gold Painted (11 Total).


    To Err Is Human.... To Collect Err's Is Just Too Much Darn Tootin Fun!
  • Next On The Block...


    See something you can't Live Without, drop me a line and lets Talk..

    Shipping $4 First Item, $2 Each Additional Item...
    Payment By : PayPal, Money Order, Check...
    7 Day Return On All Items Minus Shipping...


    1956 1c PCGS MS65 RB #1853, Very Nice Luster Both Sides - $45.00 + Shipping... (SOLD)

    image image


    1957-D 1c PCGS MS66 RB #1854, Very Nice Luster Both Sides - $45.00 + Shipping...(SOLD)

    image image


    1958 1c PCGS MS63 RB #2703, Ovb. looks better in hand, Rev is SCREAMING Color - $65.00 + Shipping... (SOLD)

    image image


    1957 1c PCGS MS66 BN #3519, Very Nice Luster Both Sides - $45.00 + Shipping...

    image image


    1957-D 1c PCGS MS66 RB #3511, Very Nice Luster Both Sides - $45.00 + Shipping...

    image image


    1958-D 10c PCGS MS66 #2733, Very Nice Luster Both Sides - $25.00 + Shipping...

    image image


    1955 10c NGC MS65 #2010, Very Nice Luster Both Sides - $25.00 + Shipping...

    image image


    1957 10c NGC MS65 #5001, Very Nice Luster Both Sides - $20.00 + Shipping...

    image image


    1958 10c NGC MS67 #7007, Blazing/Color Luster Both Sides - $65.00 + Shipping...

    image image


    1958 10c NGC MS67 #6006, Blazing/Color Luster Both Sides - $65.00 + Shipping...

    image image


    1957 .25c NGC MS66 #5004, Very Nice Luster Both Sides - $35.00 + Shipping... (SOLD)

    image image
    image image


    1958 .25c NGC MS67 #6016, Very Nice Luster Both Sides - $95.00 + Shipping...

    image image
    image image


    1958 .25c NGC MS66 #2004, Very Nice Luster Both Sides - $35.00 + Shipping...

    image image
    image image


    1954 .25c NGC MS65 #3003, Very Nice Luster Both Sides - $35.00 + Shipping...

    image image
    image image


    1956 .25c NGC MS64 #7026, Very Nice Luster Both Sides - $25.00 + Shipping... (SOLD)

    image image
    image image


    Thanks For looking...

    My Ebay Auctions

    Currently Listed: Nothing

    Take Care, Dave
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    2002 Silver Eagle, MS68 PCGS Collector's Club Edition
    $46 shipped

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