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Still in semi-hermit mode, but alive!

Hopefully I don't have anything still pending except some overdue giveaways I pledged a good while back (which I will honor eventually), but for those who've expressed concern about my long absence from the forums, be assured that I yet live and breathe. I'm just in "Yeti" mode, as we call it over on the Darkside forum.

When I'm in these periodic absences from the forums, I'm usually absent from the Internet altogether, so emailing me doesn't do much good.

If anybody needs to get 'hold of me, you can call 912-261-8408 and ask for Rob.

In the meantime, I hope y'all are having a pleasant summer. Mine has mostly consisted of working and sleeping lately. It's peak season at the beach resort where I work, and it's gettin' hot and humid down here. If I'm not at the hotel, you'll find me hiding in the bedroom, huddled up next to the new air conditioner.

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  • pontiacinfpontiacinf Posts: 8,915 ✭✭

    Go BIG or GO HOME. ©Bill
  • slincslinc Posts: 480 ✭✭
    Hmm I think the term "semi hermit mode" is going to find it's way in my vocabulary.
  • melvin289melvin289 Posts: 3,019
    Been wondering where you were at Lord M. Good to see you around again.

    Collect for the love of the hobby, the beauty of the coins, and enjoy the ride.

  • << <i>Been wondering where you were at Lord M. Good to see you around again.

    Ron >>

    ditto that , keep well LM
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