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Collections of stamps: Bulgaria, Poland, Mongolia, the Spanish colonies

1) A collection of stamps of Bulgaria 1881-1999 chronology, with 85% marks are clean. There are samples, not the cutting blocks, varieties, etc. Total 9albomov (Volgograd). The collection is in excellent condition, going to a professional. All pictures can not put stamps because of the high count. If interested contact number marks on Michael and I will send you a photo of the WHOLE SALE marok.KOLLEKTsIYa Price: $ 25,000
2) A collection of stamps of Poland 1918-1995, Chronology, 75% pure, 5 albums (Volgograd). Condition is excellent, the collection was going to professionalom.Vse brand set can not because of the large number of you who are interested please write number names to Michael, I'll send photos. COLLECTION FOR SALE IN WHOLE Price: 6500 $
3) A collection of stamps of Mongolia 1924-1992, Chronology, 90% pure, 4alboma (Volgograd), the state otlichnoe.Vse brand set can not because of the large quantity, if interested contact number brand of Michel send a photo. COLLECTION FOR SALE IN WHOLE. Price: $ 5000
4) The collection of postage stamps of the Spanish Colonies:
Ifni 1949 1966 unabridged
Fernando Poo 1960-1966 unabridged
Spanish Guinea 1949-1959 unabridged
Rio Muni 1960-1966 unabridged
Spanish Sahara 1951-1966 unabridged
Price: $ 2500
And much more filmateriala

All here: http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/kmc1966/albums/
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