1922 Matte Finish Peace Dollar - High Relief, Est 5-8 Known

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Peace Dollars are not my thing right now but I sure do like them. If I ever move into the collecting of DOLLARS...it would be Gobrecht Dollars if I ever get rich, Trade Dollars just to own a couple of examples unless I did a circulated set, an EARLY dollar or two if I can ever find the funds....but for a Mint State Set...I will be building a Peace Dollar set within a couple years. They are beautiful. It is just a matter of time. I have to finish my Merc Dimes first, then there are a few other coins I NEED to add to my collection but while that is going on I will likely start a MS Peace Dollar set. Hopefully I am making a lot more money by then. image

Ok, so what's the story with 1922 Matte Finish Peace Dollar in High Relief? 5-8 is a pretty broad range for such a low number. Who has them, where are they, what's the story with them? I flipped through the Cherrypickers' Guide and saw it mentioned, I saw it mentioned in the PCGS price Guide. Why were they produced, under what circumstances, etc. RWB has me very interested in Peace Dollars and I plan to go buy his book this week...not sure if this coin is covered in his book or not. Gotta go get the book no matter what. Anyone have photos of one they can post? Anyone on the forums actually own one?

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