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1986 Autographed Spurs/Jazz program Karl Malone RC season and more

I attended this game on 29 Mar 1986 and stayed in the same hotel as the Jazz players. I obtained all the autos in the hotel lobby prior to the game. There are 9 autos including Karl Malone, signed Mailman #32 . Other autos of note, Adrian Dantley, Mark Eaton, Pace Mannion, Fred Roberts, Mike Brittain, Tyrone Corbin, Thurl Bailey and Rickey Green.

I just scanned the cover but several of the autos are inside the program and I will scan those next. Just wondering if anyone had any ideal what kind of value this would have. It was Malone's Rookie year and other than Dantley most players weren't in the league that long. It was fun meeting Mark Eaton, and most of the players were real friendly. Pace Manion had a huge fan club at the arena that yelled his name the whole game even though he didn't play but a couple of minutes.




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