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I-Phone APP for collectors


Is the perfect mobile Solution to all Collectors and E-bay Sellers.

If you Collect Coins,sport cards,Stamps, or any other types of collectibles like Antiques, ect.. This APP is for you! If you run a part time business on E-bay and need to keep track of Inventory, purchase & Sales Info, this APP was made for you also.
You can utilize this APP for simply Cataloging your Collectibles or inventory. Or take it a step further by entering all the financial info for each Item, Then this APP will be there for you at tax time. With the Government wanting E-bay to provide sales Info for all there account holders, Its never been more important to keep good Tax records. That's were this APP really shines. If you are a collector, At a glance you will be able to see how much you have invested in any category and its potential worth today if sold. If you are an E-bay seller, At a glance view your inventory and the cost of that inventory. Weather you are listing Collectibles or Inventory, You will be able to Make Voice notes, Take & Keep PHOTO`S for your own future reference or for Making an E-bay listing right from your I-Phone. Also don`t forget how usefull photo`s can be, take photo`s of your receipts and store them on this APP indefinitely. everything is documented in the event of theft. ( You will have a full I-phone view of each photo.) Even if your collectible or inventory is in storage or put away in a safe deposit box for safe keeping. You can instantly make a E-Bay listing, because all the needed info and Photo`s will be stored on this APP. You need only to make a trip to retrieve inventory, If or when your item sells.
Then when you sell an item, all purchase & sales info appears automatically on a sales page headed by the year that sale was made. When or If taxes come due, your ready! This APP will also create a new sales page automatically for every new calendar year that a sale is entered. It will also show long term and short term Gains for tax purposes. You can keep all this info on this APP "Indefinitely," or delete it at your discretion.
Every time you go to sell an item you will know at a glance how much you have invested in that item, No more guessing or kidding your self! You will also be able to backup or print all your valuable info.

Just went up for sale in the App Store. Just search --- My Collectibles/Ebay Accountant.

Web Page:

Hope you like it! Coinmaster1229

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