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non-sports: Pre-Sale CGC 9.8 SS TRON #1 Bruce AKA TRON / Cindy AKA YORI

Something a little different then coin's & Sport's cards etc !!!

(Signature Series )
I will be having a signing with Bruce Boxleitner AKA ALAN BRADLY / TRON 1982 / TRON LEGACY 2010 and Cindy Morgan AKA LORA / YORI 1982

Pre-screen 9.8 !!!!!! CGC witness on site to Authentic Signature's

Title: Tron #1 Publisher: Slave Labor Date: 4/06 Cover: Wraparound

The price $125 for a CGC 9.8 SS Tron #1 Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan with Shipping + Delivery Confirmation
Also you will get a tracking number from me to track your order when it's at cgc to check on order static's
or I will contact you every week to let you know your order static's
Note: This order include CGC Fast track

Dealer discount welcome on bulk order's !!!

Order must be made and paid in full by March 20 2011 You will receive this item no later then April 22 2011
Note: Time Frame could be sooner it all depend on CGC turn around, All CGC comic's will be shipped Priority Mail
Your order could get to you before April 22 2011 Shipping take's at least 8 to 10 day's max !!!

Want to know more about CGC Signature's Series and why it as the benefit of 100% certification & 100% Authentic
Please feel free to visit them: www.cgccomics.com

also look me up on there site under submission 30th one down the list Glynn And Son CGC Graded Comic's

Form of PayPal only with a confirmed address !!! No check's or money order or COD for this item ...
Paypal only because it is safe and better managed for both party's

Your order will be tracked from the day it start ( Process from grading to pick up from cgc right to the post office )
Again tracking from cgc or I will update you every week on order static's then when I ship the item or item's ( cgc 9.8 comic )
I send you a Delivery Confirmation number to track your order USPS ...

Should you have any question about a order or to place a order, Send me a PM or a email

Glynn Adkins Jr
Glynn and Son CGC Graded Comic's
( Authorized Member Dealers Since 1999 the start )
Email: [email protected]

Link to mine CGC 9.8 Tron comic this one is not signed in the picture it is a CGC 9.8 The one for sale will be signed under the Signature Series / yellow label
( Sorry copy and paste if needed to this link that is on my CGC page on Facebook, Yes the tron comic in the picture is mine and not for sale )
CGC Signature Series 100% Authentic
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