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What's Up with Boxing COAs

The other day, I was crusing thru some forums and came across a Travis Roste who has just been ripping apart boxing authenticated coas from 3rd Parties and one place in particular. The knowledge he has appears to be on target from what I can see and he seems to have the passion and knowledge noted by several differing experts in the authentication business. Even though he is not the owner from what I see of the item he does make some compelling analogies of "non-authentic" signatures, in his opinion. In one particular exercise it involved a Sonny Liston that had been rejected from this same 3rd Party that can be linked to above but gained the interest of the auction house representative who intereceded only to find it was indeed authentic and recently sold for several hundred dollars.

Thus, why doesn't the auction house fix these errors, if they are indeed oversights, especially in their certification database...


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    You have very good questions. I am unaware of Travis Roste as I stay away from sports due the amount of bad material out there - and a serious lack of sports interest on my behalf. From observation, no one is really willing to partake in any discussions of the matters you have raised and that's cool. It seems when people start seeing data they quickly stop collecting or retreat to fantasy land where they came from. I would suggest strongly you use your search engine, searching the names and actions that might be involved such a subject. Write those with addresses and ask the questions. And then do more. And search again. Don't be swayed by anything but demonstrated fact. Keep searching. No single entity will have the answers - you must assess them all - remove what is biased and keep reading image It is out there.

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  • Thanks Eric = sports and Mickey Mantles, amongst others via the Old GAI Mike baker/Justin Priddy nightmare along with the now banned Christopher Morales & Nicolas Burczyk COAs from EBay is just part and parcel to the fly by night and "never saw an autograph, I wouldn't authentic as ok" mentality is certainly rampant.

    but when it comes to the upper echelon 3rd party authenticators from PSA/DNA, JSA, Real, University Archives there needs to be a much better (and public) pro=active process if 3rd parties are going to lead the way.

    the issue appears related to PSA/DNA authentication errors or so it would seem from ali to listons. There are some glaring errors but yet they aren't corrected. While I fully realize they are merely opinions - when they come from the AList they carry great weight not to mention $$$ to acquire. I can't seem to find a reason why?

    Here are but two in the boxing arena.... Since I am not a boxing proficianado I sit on the sidelines but there seems to be plenty of empirical evidence to the the contrary... The first one sold on American Memoribillia in '06 under the old "auction house loa" while the latter is in the cert database.

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    Hi image

    No problem at all.

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  • and Eric just so it is clear to you and anyone else I am not affiliated with any of those referenced and hold in contempt places like Coach's Commode (Corner) along with STAT, TTA and ACE who have done more of a disservice to the entire autograph collecting community that single handedly cast continued aspersions on those places especially AList 3rd party places.

    So long as AList 3rd Party Places care more on P&L, volume and press w/o taking on the allegations and correcting those that are obvious - those previously mentioned gain a foothold in the less informed collector.
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    "There are some glaring errors but yet they aren't corrected. While I fully realize they are merely opinions - when they come from the AList they carry great weight not to mention $$$ to acquire. I can't seem to find a reason why?"

    Well, as they are opinions backed by nothing AT ALL I see more lifeblood - and I mean money - to be made by keeping the field muddy. If there were a guarantee behind these, if there were real accountability, and I mean beyond what we read in quarterly reports, it would make sense to correct the market as you could charge for re-authentication etc. as in other areas (from a purely $$$ POV). But, it is apparently easier to simply uh...forge ahead image All these things and folks are or were tied to one another and that is just not helping anything.


    Edited to ad: Look at the covers of some well known publications and some ads - what was done to control that damage - and how damaging was it (not) really and why? See the other sports related thread in here for interest.
  • Eric - some perhaps as in the kind of opinion one received from Uncle Tanoose! And, I can understand that some other places may simply be in error as the original caller made on the item and who knows what the motivation is behind the scenes. Then we have some that do know their stuff albeit they would be happier if everyting they saw was incorrect.

    I know that PSA/DNA does and will recert an item if someone sends it back in but why would someone just simply do it? !st the money involved, 2nd the and I am sending it back in because of ? and 3rd what if I am not or maybe am the original owner and in comes back not-authentic - then what happens ?

    but just staying silent seems to beg the question... The problem with some of this is the people making the claims on an item are usually not the owner and who knows what their motivation is.

    e.g. here is a blurb on an auction site on a boxing item even though it has a backhanded slap at an AList 3rd party .... it seems to paint All 3rd parties in a negative light. This place the focus of that target.

    It was also shown to JSA who liked the signature for what it's worth. Also talked about by what we and most legitimate dealers consider the top experts in boxing autographs around the globe being Travis Roste and Mark Ogren. These two men have fought hard against the fraud of fake boxing autographs filtrated into the hobby by third party authentication companies. There is no better provenance nor opinions than those who have given their expertise on this signed photograph. A one of a kind beauty!
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