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Self adhesive stamp removal??

How do you get self adhesive stamps off of the envelope without tearing up the stampimage


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    There are several solvents that will work for this. I'm using pure citrus orange air freshener. It works great. You can find more info on this topic if you do a google search or look for the article on this topic on the APS website.

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    You can find the article that was in the American Philatelist here:

    AP Article on Removing Used Self-Adhesives

    You can even see a video of the author of the article demonstrating his technique here:

    Demonstration Video

    Although the video doesn't show this, you can completely remove the gum residue from the stamp with a clean rag wetted with the solvent. It works very well and there's no need for any water in the process at all.

    I bought the Pure Citrus Orange at Home Depot for about $4. It's also available on Amazon here:

    Pure Citrus Orange On Amazon

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