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Hank Greenberg Letter written in 1939

Hi there. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I am new, so if its in the wrong place please move this. Anyway, I have a letter from Hank Greenberg that was written and signed in 1939. I don't have access to it right now to take pictures, but I would like to know how much it is worth (if anything). The letter is written on some paper from a Detroit hotel. The letter is to a couple (dont remember their names). It is a written letter. In the letter Hank thanks the woman for making and bringing cookies for the tigers, during a team practice. I think it is a pretty cool piece to have. Although it would be hard to part ways with it, I would like to know how much it is worth (If I authenticate it), because times are tough and tough times call for tough decisions! Anyway I would be thankful for any help anyone could give me. Thanks!!


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    Post your question in the sports card and memoribilia forum and you'll likely get some help. The autograph forum here is basically dead.

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  • Hi,

    it is not dead, there is just never anyone here to talk with. This Greenburg letter, I don't go near sports myself, but I would take a look at it if you can scan it and give you a strong idea. The value will be based on content and any association with the date and some interesting activity or event. I just checked in some rather outdated Bakers guide, SIG (signature alone) is or was $50, a SP (signed photo) I think $200. A letter, totally in his hand and not typed, might be a little less......or a a lot more but that $$$ letter would likely be about something other than cookies. Is he particularly scarce? That would help. I see he was a HOF'er - that's obviously good. I can check more recent auction results but you ought to post some good scans first. I have seen several sports letters like this copied, including content, from known published examples in obscure autograph auction catalogs, some with slight changes to appear as additional letters or whatever.

    Best wishes, HH image

  • Of course, there is another reason people don't post here! image

  • I just signed up for this site and its kind of disapointing that nobody posts in the autograph section. Is there a reason behind this? I'm sure their is plenty of people who collect autographs on this site.

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  • Hi,

    Of course there are reasons, One I was trying to illustrate above - people just wander in, want help and then leave. The there are the others who can in no way accept the fact that they have forgeries, that auction houses sell forgeries and they new sticker that just had applied to their whole collection actually screams "I just ruined my collection" - forget those who don't realize LOA's and COA's are worthless like the stamped signatures they come bearing. Welcome :-)

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