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Lindner stock books vs. Lindner T-System

I currently have both. While the T-system offers a nice presentation having the stamps of a nation's annual production pictured on pages with a plastic sleeve to add in a mint stamp to preserve. The T-system pages and plastic sleeve are both archival.

For duplicate stamps, I use the stock books from Lindner. It has no dust cover (slip case) like with the Lindner binder for the T-system pages.

Are stock books good for long term storage? I would think that if it had a slip case and the climate was controlled, a stock book is OK even for long term.

There are Lindner Blank T-pages that I can use for duplicate stamps, but that might be overkill and get really expensive. Also, if the duplicate stamps are trade bait anyway, the stock book is best for contantly switching out stamps. The T-system seems to me to be something to store your permanent collection in.

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