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Dealer Buying!

Greetings, I am a dealer in PA. and am actively buying collections of stamps ($15.00 Scotts value or more per stamp), pre-1960 post cards, Slabbed coins (pre-1965, any grade), Autographs (hof football and baseball, GRADED HOF football and baseball cards (graded 8.0 or better), OLD (pre-1950) Documents, Pre 1950 Maps, ETC.
See My website at: www.HistoricalCollectibles.us Send items to me INSURED, I will evaluate your items and issue a company check or M/O within 48 hours. If your happy with the offer cash the check, if not I will return at MY expense.
I have been in business for over 12 years and hold a great D&B rating.
Send to:
Historical Collectibles
C/O Joe Sr.
211 Pauline Drive
Suite #122
York, PA. 17402

I am looking for slabbed/raw coins, wheat rolls, mercs, silver coins etc.
Old Ephemera Items, Slabbed "8.5 - 10" BaseBall and Football HoFers.
Stamps with a Scotts value OVER $20.00 each!!!


  • What percentage do you pay on a stamp valued at $20-100 or percentage period I guess is what I mean. 503.862.7586 message me there & can send pics I've got post cards, stamps, & errors & varieties (RAW) hope to hear from you.
    Blake V

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