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1971 Topps Baseball Variations

Hi...Does anyone have the definitive list of 1971 Topps baseball variations?

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Collecting PSA Graded:
1954 Topps Orioles Team Set
1971 Topps Orioles Team Set
1980 Topps Orioles Team Set
Jim Palmer Basic Set
Brooks Robinson Basic Set


  • SCD or you can just check the pop report.
  • Some of these are not listed as they are print flaws.

    1971 Topps

    42 Boots Day A- Light post in background B- No light post
    85 Billy Grabarkewitz A- Red dot to the right of hat B- Yellow/White dot to right of hat
    123 Checklist A- 123 centered at bottom B- 123 bottom right, Orange helmet C- 123 bottom right, Red helmet
    161 Checklist A- No Black border shows under coin, 161 even with #152 & 153 B- Black border shows under coin, 161 below #152
    206 Checklist A- Orange helmet B- Red helmet
    265 Jim Northrup A- Dark Black Blob on right B- Light Black C- Small Black
    306 Jim Nash A- Black blob on front left of card B- No Black blob
    369 Checklist A- Orange helmet, no line above ear B- Red helmet, line above ear C- Red helmet, no line above ear D- Orange helmet, line above ear
    371 Jack Hiatt A- White dot after catcher on front (print flaw?) B- No dot
    619 Checklist A- Copyright above back, thick jagged line on brim B- Copyright on back, thin jagged line on brim C- No copyright on back, Red helmet D- No copyright, Orange helmet
    636 Denny Lemaster A- Black blob on cheek on back B- No Black blob
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