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American Space Program Autographs

If you are interested in collecting autographs from the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo space programs please contact me and I will send you my list of authentically signed astronaut photographs.


  • Hi PipestonePete image

    Astronauts. Ugh. I met Alan Shepard (sp?) and he signed a book for my little nephew. Or tried to. Several times. My nephew's first and middle name is Steven Tyler. Shepard signed "Steve and Tyler." I said "oh, I am sorry - it is Steven Tyler - one person." Mr. Shepard got visibly annoyed and proceeded the sign another copy then same way. This happened a third time. Finally, his handler wrote out the names and he copied them. This was when I imagine his last book was out, about his moon experiences (and golfimage).

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    More good stuff has recently come in and has been added to the list.
  • Where is this new list?
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    Greetings Collecting Machine....

    Welcome to the forums. Please PM me your email address and I will send forth the lists.

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