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Vintage Hollywood/Theater Sale

Hi All,

More stuff for sale:

One thrice-signed still: The Whales of August 1989
Lillian Gish - black ink
Vincent Price - Blue felt tip
Ann Sothern - Black Sharpie

Robert Duvall – C. 1976 signed 8x10, black felt tip
Christopher Plummer – C. 1952 signed candid, violet fountain pen
Eva Hart - (Titanic survivor) - 1980's signed unique candid, blue ballpoint with an unsigned candid
Laurence Olivier – C. 1955 signed Titus Andonicus book photograph by Angus McBean (not trimmed, just removed) with V. Leigh as Lavinia in the pivotalm scene, black fountain pen
Mischa Auer – C. 1952 unique signed candid, black fountain pen

Unique candids, reel films
Gregory Peck - 1952 San Francisco
Bela Lugosi - Original 1953 35 mm master print "Glen or Glenda" - directed by Ed Wood, ex-Ed Wood, ex-Geo. Weiss collection, with 5 reels soundtrack negs

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