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FOR SALE : PSA/DNA graded autographed Perez-Steele Celebration postcards

Greetings, This is Neil B. Downey of Neil B. Downey and Sons Collections. After receiving a very generous offer for some of my PSA/DNA graded autographed Perez-Steele Celebration postcards and having my youngest son start college as a freshman on 9/2 (my oldest is a junior) - I have decided to break up my PSA/DNA award winning set. Here is a list of what ones I still have that are now for sale. It has been great being the leader of this incredible set for three years but it is now time to turn the reigns over to Jim Doyle and his magnificent set. I wish him all of the luck in the world and hope that someday his set will reach the promise land of a perfect PSA/DNA 10 Gem Mint set. Please note that this is not a fire sale. My prices will be fair considering how hard and rare it is to get such high PSA/DNA grades on these beautiful postcards. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested in any of them. Thank you for your time, Neil

No. Player Status PSA/DNA
1 Hank Aaron 76 Years Old 9
2 Luis Aparicio 76 Years Old 10
3 Ernie Banks 79 Years Old 10
4 Cool Papa Bell Dec. 3/9/1991 9
5 Johnny Bench 62 Years Old 10
6 Yogi Berra 85 Years Old 10
7 Lou Boudreau Dec. 8/10/2001 10
9 Happy Chandler Dec. 6/15/1991 10
10 Jocko Conlan Dec. 4/16/1989 9
11 Ray Dandridge Dec. 2/12/1994 10
12 Bill Dickey Dec. 11/12/1993 10
13 Bobby Doerr 92 Years Old 10
14 Rick Farrell Dec. 7/27/1995 10
15 Charlie Gehringer Dec. 1/21/1993 9
17 Billy Herman Dec. 9/5/1992 10
21 Al Kaline 75 Years Old 10
24 Ralph Kiner 87 Years Old 10
25 Bob Lemon Dec. 1/11/2000 10
27 Al Lopez Dec. 10/30/2005 10
31 Willie McCovey 72 Years Old 10
32 Johnny Mize Dec. 6/2/1993 10
33 Stan Musial 89 Years Old 10
35 Brooks Robinson 73 Years Old 10
36 Joe Sewell Dec. 3/6/1990 10
38 Duke Snider 83 Years Old 10
39 Warren Spahn Dec. 11/24/2003 10
40 Willie Stargell Dec. 4/9/2001 10
42 Billy Williams 72 Years Old 10
NNO Checklist - Perez/Steele/Steele PSA/DNA


  • Hi,

    have you seen the Judy Johnson PSA/DNA slabbed celebration cards, when he was in a coma before these cards went to press and then died before they could be signed? There are other slabbed examples, but what do you think?

  • Hi Eric, I had one that was a cut signature that I had slabbed with a Celebration card. It is the only one that I ever saw. Judy Johnson, Bill Terry and Lefty Gomez never signed any so I don't know what you saw. Jocko Conlon only signed about 30 or his for Bill Daniels while he was basically on his death bed. It is by far the rarest one of them all and at $320 for a slabbed, non-graded one - the second most expensive one next to the Campy. Neil
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