Here's an "ok" ebay site for Texas unclaimed property

Texas Unclaimed Property

"This item is from an unclaimed safe deposit box. The contents of unclaimed boxes in Texas are sent to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Comptroller Susan Combs has published the box owners name on the Internet. Texas is holding over 1 billion dollars in unclaimed property."
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    Some of those prices are nuts.....Like the 700+ wheat cents for $68.00! Why? It's pretty
    obvious that whoever is putting these up for the state has some numismatic knowledge.
    I would bet that they are the typical 40's and 50's with some few earlier dates
    that are very well worn and non key. Heck, who knows?

    Don't do these sites as it's like buying a box of rocks hoping for a gold nugget!

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  • I've not bought from them, but like looking at what someone thought was special enough to place in a safe deposit box and forgot about.
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  • THis one I just don't understand...

    Civil War Battlefield Silver Dollar

    Its up over $200.... hell, if this is what they are going for, I've got the special set in the box with the fake inlaid gold piece with the dollar and half that I'll sell!
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