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For some reason I never see any topics in here, but I'll make a post anyway. Hopefully, someone sees this that is interested. I am a personal collector of sports autographs and am selling some of my collection. I have pictures of me getting things signed by Kevin Garnette, Stephon Marbury, many of the bulls players from the 90's etc. My dad has taken pictures of Hakeem signing stuff for him, Michael Jordan etc. My dad didn't like to be in pictures, the only one I have of him with anyone was Ernie Banks. All of my autographs come through my father and a close family friend. We attended some fund raising auctions and other functions where we had these stars sign things for us. All of my collection is 100% legit and I have pictures and COA's as proof. My dad and his friend went to auctions and brought back autographs. I also have a printout of one of the auctions we attended. At any rate, just thought I'd share a small story and a little posting. Make sure you check out the other items listed.



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    Hi there,

    there have been many threads here - they just die because very few people seem to pop in here. I looked at your auctions - your auction states 7 days return, the your cert offers an unconditional guarantee. This could be confusing to potential customers - which is it? I offer lifetime and guarantee to pass "that authentication company" (which means nothing at ALL to me - you? Do some reading...). Anyway, thought I make the suggestion. Good luck!! image

  • @Mother - I saw your items. It looks like all of the COAs are signed by the same person (Terry...). Is there a company that backs the COAs? How did you get those COAs? I'm definitely interested in two of the items.

    -Looking for nat'ls from charter #'s: 1-100 (Large Size), 1764, 1973, 2004, 2006, 4378, 6528, 7098, 7403, 9291, 10008, 12697. Also looking for S/N 23 and Fr. 239*.
  • Hi there,

    I mention in passing - COA's are meaningless to me. Do some reading about who stamps..uh..signs these things and who has been sued and who has won and who has left which company and started their own service which has even more.....umm...just read. Why, one of the biggest...um.. do some careful reading. Lots of reading. Trust your own eyes, experience and exemplars. This is NOT in regard to whoever issued the COA's you mentioned as I did not look at them yet.


    Edited to add - I would think a COA would have a business name or maybe even a state, if you like COA's. I have NO other comment. Reading about the history of the LOA from some companies (NOT Sports Corner) ought to be real fun.
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