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Below is my autograph and theater collection - in no real order - collected 1990-2010 - under construction and to be added to - some 40 vintage items to be added from Vivien Leigh to Honeymooner's rehearsals candids, vintage movie cast collections, candids (Abbott & Costello) and more....1931-2010:

Red script, signed Alfred Molina Eddie Redmayne, black fine Sharpie June 2010, with tix & signed playbill
Martin Sheen, vintage 1966 signed album page, blue fountain pen, with original Apocalypse Now still
Anthony Perkins, vintage signed portrait from magazine C. 1960, blue ballpoint with original Trial still
Joan Crawford, original Baby Jane still with newspaper stamps and crop marks, December 1962, signed inscribed early blue ballpoint
Bette Davis, vintage signed 5x7 studio portrait, dedicated, sepia fountain pen, C. 1940
Judy Garland, signed dedicated television candid from the Grace Cunningham Collection, 1956, signed in blue fountain pen with original A Star is Born Still
James Mason, signed candid photograph with wife, C. 1959, signed in blue fountain pen
Jack Carson, signed candid photograph, Hollywood, dedicated, violet fountain pen, signed C. 1952 Frances and Violet Zane Collection
Millvina Dean, original vintage hand tinted photograph of the Adriatic, personalized & inscribed "Youngest and last survivor of the Titanic"
Jack Nicholson, original b/w still from Cuckoo's Nest, green felt tip, signed C. 1975
Richard Burton, signed 8x10 color candid, signed twice "love, Richard Burton", black felt tip, April 1976
Jackie Gleason, signed 3.5" x 5" portrait, signed blue fountain pen, C. 1952
Art Carney, signed 3.5" x 5" portrait, signed blue fountain pen. C. 1955
Audrey Meadows, 3.5" x 5" portrait postcard, signed blue fountain pen C. 1956
Joyce Randolph, 3.5" x 5" portrait postcard, signed blue fountain pen, 1958
Daniel Radcliffe, Equus Broadway poster, 2009, black Sharpie
Roger Waters, The Pros and Con's of Hitchhiking promotional LP signed in black flat tip, after 1984 Quebec concert
David Byrne, Stop making Sense, cassette insert, signed black felt tip, 1990
Tennessee Williams entering Sardi's, August 1965, color Polaroid candid
Gregory Peck, candid on the street b/w, Los Angeles, C. 1952
Laurence Oliver, signed book page with Vivien Leigh as Lavinia, C. 1956, black fountain pen
Christopher Walken, signed Communion still, black felt tip, full vintage signature 1989
Oskar Werner, color candid entering as theater, 1967
Kevin McCarthy and Dana Wynter, original Invasion of the Body Snatchers still, signed in felt tip, still C. 1956, signed C. 1975, purchased from McCarthy's driver

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