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Jackie Gleason C. 1950 Signed Photo 3.5 x 5

Hi All

I have a lovely item on offer apart from the usual. This is a vintage 3.5" x 5" real photo postcard of the Great One Jackie Gleason signed in nicely in blue fountain pen at the height of his career in about 1950-54. That is what makes this special to me - everyone has 1970's postcards and 8x10's signed in black felt tip or ballpoint - finding another vintage photo signed in fountain pen under $300 is not easy. Scans available of course! I have studied his signature for over 20 years. This is among the earlier examples I have seen - only earlier examples were some tax papers from the mid 1940's and a few 8x10's from the very late 40's. There is a correlation between his waist size and the size of the "j" in "Jackie"! The "J" Jackie uses here is very small and thin - nowhere near as flamboyant as it (and he) would soon become by 1954/55. By the late 1960's his signature had become what we generally see in black felt tip throughout the 1970's. By the late 80's, his last signature form was often "j-scribble g-scribble". Fine overall condition with nice eye appeal - minor creases and tape/glue remains on reverse. Buy vintage - because they don't make it anymore! As always, guaranteed to pass PSA/DNA for whatever that is worth. Contact magikbilly@yahoo.com $75 firm. Lists for a good bit more.




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    Hi All,

    Yes, the above signed photo is available. Many signed photos are - if you have interest drop me a line. A good quantity of stuff. McCarthy, Duval, Gish, Davis, Christie, McDowell, Marshall, Heston, Burton, Gleason, Randolph, Doohan, Carney, Randolph, Asner, Agar, Gordon, Suess, Plummer, Mason, Olivier, Carney self portrait,
    on and on...Bendix...Tandy, Cronyn.....all guaranteed of course.

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