How much does off center affect value of card?

What %? I found this info with regard to condition but not about any qualifiers:

How Condition Affect Price

The condition of a card directly affects it's price. Somr price guides usually list several prices for a particular card, with each price assigned to a particular condition.

The following is a general chart for price according to condition. Near Mint (Nrmt) is usually used as the standard grade or 100% of book price. Nrmt-Mt or Mt will be priced much higher than 100%, especially if old and/or condition sensitive.

Nrmt: 100%

Ex-Mt: 75%

Ex: 50%

VgEx: 33%

Vg: 30%

GdVg: 20%

Gd: 10%

Fair and Poor: less than 10%

In other words a card that is worth $100 in Nrmt condition, is worth $75 in ExMt, $50 in Ex, $20 in GdVg and so on.


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    No definite answer - depends on degree of off-center, rarity of card, can it be found commonly well-centered?

    So no way to say for sure.

    FYI - PSA's standard is that an OC designation knocks 2 points off a grade. So a PSA 8 OC equates to a PSA 6.
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    What scooter said. There is no cover all formula. It is like asking, how much does damage affect the price of a house?
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  • How much does this OC affect the price of an 8? Which an 8 is list around $4,000 and a 6 list around $1,400.


  • "...FYI - PSA's standard is that an OC designation knocks 2 points off a grade. So a PSA 8 OC equates to a PSA 6...."


    Yes, for Registry purposes.

    NO, for valuation purposes.
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    although that is a great card...the more expensive and meaningfull..the more a collector is willing to pay for sure.
    However the oc card would be purchased by someone who wants a pack fresg card but can't afford or doesn't want to pay full price.
    VCP as an example of ths card

    Latest Auction Prices for: PSA-Q 8 - Average Price: $1,145.34
    Listing Type: All Auction Buy It Now Best Offer Show: 2550100All Date Auction Link Seller Buyer Bids Price Extra
    2/25/10 eBay Auction | Image thecardshap m***1 22 $1,081.01 OC
    11/8/09 eBay Image just_collect t***h 21 $1,225.00 OC
    7/21/09 eBay Image mikestimeout l***l 10 $1,130.00 8 OC
    12/15/08 eBay Image 3***n 3 $920.00 8 OC
    11/14/08 Goodwin Image 10 $1,514.57 8 OC
    11/12/08 eBay Image duckalohafriday 1lifeonthefly Best Offer $1,700.00 8 OC
    6/21/08 eBay Image kellichrisamy edagio BIN $1,100.00 8 OC
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  • Great replies. Thanks guys.
  • If you go by VCP averages, a PSA 8 OC sells for more than a 6.5 but less than a straight 7. So the value compares to a 6.75 image
  • fkwfkw Posts: 1,777
    The rarer the card or the lower the overall condition,....... the less it matters.

    Its about eye appeal, To me........ offcenter (not miscut) is much better than holepunch, writing, heavy creases, trimmed, surface damage, rip, heavy stains, back damage, tape, etc.

    Some "type" cards are wanted in any condition.
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  • BIGBEN7BIGBEN7 Posts: 395 ✭✭
    centering is the most important thing
  • SportsamericaSportsamerica Posts: 1,001 ✭✭
    Centering to me is more about eye appeal then any qualifier...
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    << <i>How much does off center affect value of card? >>

    It depends on the card, the severity of the problem and a few more factors.

    Good for you.
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    That Aaron is really sweet! I have seen PSA 8s that were pretty close to that card for centering. I would rather have the qualities of a psa 8 grade as long as the centering wasnt miscut.
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