Pop Report Error - 2002 Topps #160 Albert Pujols corrected vs uncorrected

In the Population Report, it shows 2 versions of the base 2002 Topps #160 Albert Pujols. It shows the uncorrected version with a picture of Placido Polanco on the back, and then it refers to a corrected version with the correct photo on the back. I am not saying that the corrected version does not exist, I am just saying that I have never seen one, though I have looked for a long time.

Now, to the error on the Pop Report. It says that there are 22 total graded of the uncorrected version and 48 total graded of the corrected version. Just looking at the numbers, something just doesn't add up. I have a theory as to what happened. Hopefully, this makes sense. I would like to know how we can get this corrected.

I have an uncorrected version of this card graded PSA 9. I got this one graded back before the new flips (back when the number "9" was beside "MINT" and not below it. Anyway, this flip DOES NOT say "Back Photo Polanco In Cap" like the population report says. I am 99% sure that back when my card was graded that PSA did not acknowledge a corrected version and an uncorrected version. I am pretty sure that there was just one flip. Somewhere along the line they started acknowledging the uncorrected "Back Photo Polanco In Cap" version, but did not acknowledge a "Back Photo Corrected" version. In other words, the Pop Report had a regular flip with no notation (which applies to my card) and then below it in the Pop Report they had a "Back Photo Polanco In Cap". I remember seeing it that way.

Well, recently, I noticed that there is no line in the Pop Report for a regular flip. It now has a line for the "Back Photo Corrected" version, and below it a line for the "Back Photo Polanco In Cap" version. Did PSA just take the "regular flip" line in the Pop Report and combined those numbers with the super rare "Back Photo Polanco In Cap" flip? That is what I think happened.

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    Shane -- the pop. report is replete with errors such as you have described. The 1981 Fleer #5 Mike Schmidt Batting vs. Portrait is another example.

    I am actively buying MIKE SCHMIDT gem mint baseball cards. Also looking for any 19th century cabinets of Philadephia Nationals. Please PM with additional details.
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