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Free Worthpoint Price Lookups

A month ago, I was looking for past sales info on a tough-to-find modern card I was looking to bid on. I came across the site www.worthpoint.com . They basically just archive past eBay auctions including pictures and sales info. It's a great idea and I've always wondered why there is not more demand for this service. Very valuable information.

So I signed up for the free week to get the info I needed and of course....... I forgot to cancel the membership. So I was charged the $9.95 monthly fee. So here we are one month later and I need to cancel this bad boy tonight before midnight or they charge me for another month.

So I thought I would throw this offer out to anyone. I'll look up the price info for anything you would like, I have about 20 lookups left.

Just give me the worthpoint link to the specific auction you would like to see the price info on. Anyone can search their site, you can see the descriptions and pictures just not the sales price.



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